Personal style seems to be doing the rounds on Youtube and blogs. It seems to be a hot topic and it really has made me consider my own personal style story. This blog post is mammoth with tonnes of old photos so enjoy! I’d love to hear your own style story in the comments.


In 2010 I was 16 and I really didn’t stray from black and white. I really liked my legs (still do) so I’d often opt for shorter things that were baggy on top. It was around the time that the gothic/emo scene was huge so I wore my fair share of eyeliner on my waterline and you’d often find me listening to the most insane emo songs. This was the year just after I met Isaac so I was a little less hardcore then 2009 but the music I listened to still influenced my clothing choices heavily.

I found colour in 2011 but still really enjoyed things that were oversized on top. I had quite large boobs when I was younger and I never liked the attention that came with them so I would wear loose things to cover up. I obviously dyed my hair dark brown at the end of 2010 and it wasn’t the most flattering colour on pale old me (SO HARSH) and it makes me cringe so much now. I remember being really into Cotton On at the time and only ever shopped there, the dress on the end is the dress I wore for my Valedictory dinner. It’s an old Wish number and I still really love it.

Instead of going straight to university I had a gap year due to some health issues I had. I was living at home and working at the local supermarket so I was bored alot of the time. This was the year I really experimented with my fashion, finally went back blonde (thank god) and played around with my style. I also have a tonne of selfies from this year because Instagram became pretty big and I had so much time on my hands haha. I would drift between really gothic looks inspired by Black Milk Clothing to really girly florals and then super basic outfits too. Fluro was in that year too hence the scarf.

Although looking at all these pictures makes me wonder what the hell I was doing it was a time in my life where I finally had money to shop so I really went hard with trying new things. Now I think it was a really big year for me style wise because it cemented the things I did and didn’t like.

I was definitely blogging in 2013 but I have no images of outfits or of me really from this year because it was probably the toughest year of my life. My health issues were still giving me grief at this stage and I’d just moved away for uni however I lived alone for 6 months which probably wasn’t the best thing for me at the time. I spent alot of 2013 crying, depressed and feeling super fucking shit about my body because I was unable to exercise so I was whacking the weight on. This was the year that I used to work day a week (I was at uni) and getting dressed for it was living hell. I used to get mad at Isaac, cry and go to work super upset because I was really lost with my style and feeling really low about myself.

I actually feel emotional writing about 2013 because it was fucking hard. I remember I had 3 dresses I bought from ASOS and I wore them heavily on rotation because they were loose and oversized. It was a tough year and I did loose my identity a little so my style reflected that.

2014 & 2015
This is where I started attending events for the blogging stuff and my health finally picked up. I left university as well so I was able to work more therefore spend more money on clothes. These two years were a mixture of things but a big turning point for my personal style. I finally found ‘ME’ when it comes to dressing and realised I enjoy basic things with a twist. I liked unique pieces but I also loved classic shapes. My confidence was still impacting on my style as it was the heaviest I’d ever been making shopping a bit of a shit experience. I remember when I was buying things for events I’d feel awful about myself so I didn’t really shop for fun I shopped because I had to get a dress for XYZ not because I wanted to feel great.

2016 & 2017
2016 was the year I had absolutely no major health issues, I joined a gym and started loving myself again. Until writing this post I didn’t really realise the impact my confidence had on my style but god it did! I’m actually nearly in tears writing this! So with my health issues behind me (kind of) and I started exercising, loosing weight and feeling better about myself my style really started to come out. Half way through the year I was in such a good place I wanted to share that with all of you and I did. It has been a really great decision as I’ve never been happier with my style.

I don’t know how I’d describe my current style. I love mixing and match trends with my own loved pieces, investing in things I know I’ll wear over and over but also finding affordable finds too. I look for quality over quantity and wear more colours then ever before. I try to stick to blues, greens and pinks as I find they’re the colours that suit my most. I’m fussy with prints but do love them and I just adore lace when it’s done well. I love pieces that show off my waist and legs but cover my tummy and I even have worn some tighter fitting clothes and felt amazing in them.

Overall my style is quite casual and effortless because I don’t need it to be formal or proper for my work. I enjoy pieces with a bit of edge and look for unique items that stand out from your typical pair of boots, jumper or skirt. I’m not scared to try new things now and I’ve become obsessed with wearing all sorts of hats. If anything now I know what I don’t like rather then trying 10 million things to find out what I do like.


This post was never meant to be about my confidence, health issues or the way clothes make me feel but I guess at the end of the day that’s a huge part of it for me. When I love my outfit it makes me feel amazing and when I love my body it makes me feel even better.


Where are you at with your personal style? Do you know how to describe it?

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    I’m not sure how I’d describe my personal style. I like casual, comfortable clothes; but I also enjoy getting dressed up on the odd occasion. I’d say my style is on the classic & feminine side, but also somewhat colourful as well (I haven’t quite gone full monochrome yet & I doubt I ever will). I too wear a lot of blue (it too suits my skin tone), but I’m trying to get away from that & incorporate some other colours in there instead. I’ve found that I’m getting more & more into relaxed fits on top, but I still enjoy finding fitted clothing for my waist. Highlighting my waist is a MUST because I lose all shape if I don’t – I’ve found I can’t wear boxy or straight fits for that reason. I like a good hat too!

    Shell // The Novice Life

    • 2

      Love hearing you describe your style.. It’s so much harder when you’re asked about it isn’t it? I find showing off the waist super flattering as well :)

  2. 3

    I’m sorry to hear you went through such a tough time with your health and that it affected your confidence so much. :( But it’s good to hear you’re in a much better place now and that you’re feeling really inspired and happy with your style. I’m definitely on the way out of a style rut at the moment and making really tough decisions about what clothes to bring to Canada and what to leave behind is really pushing me. But ultimately I know I’m going to feel so much better for it because there are so many things I have been holding onto for years that I really just need to let go of, and now I have a reason to make myself do it. Plus moving to a new city is going to give me the opportunity to experiment again because no one will have any expectations of what I dress like because I don’t know anyone there. And once I get a job and figure out the dress code there I’m going to try really hard to build a work wardrobe that I feel happy and confident in, because that whole issue has really gotten me down for the last few years.


    • 4

      Thanks Jess! I didn’t really realise how it affected my confidence but I’m so fucking happy now it’s good to see the progression all laid out.

      How crazy you get to really start again? So daunting and freaking exciting all at once! Can’t wait to hear more about your experiences with moving to Canada xx

  3. 5

    I love seeing your evolution with style! I think we’re the same age (22ish) yet I haven’t really experimented with my style as much as you have. (I’m not really a style blogger though…) Anyways, I’m glad that you’ve been able to overcome the health and confidence issues!

    Simply Lovebirds

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