And so it begins! This is the first post for our wedding series and I’m SO excited to start sharing things with you. This is a little bit backwards but there is a reason for that.


Essentially we had so many amazing brands help us out with our ‘Hung As Fuck Hangover Kits’ and we wanted to share these first so you could see just how epic they were. Plus I wanted to promoted all the brands that helped us ASAP! So other details can wait (plus there is another exciting reason why I haven’t shared more sooner but you’ll find that out soon and it’s SO worth the wait!).


As you guys know our vibe for the day was super relaxed, chilled and a party where we got married as opposed to a wedding where there was a party. In the beginning we had thought our favours (if we had any at all which wasn’t out of the question) would be a little succulent because we love plants. As the day approached we couldn’t find pots we were happy with and when we really thought about our crowd, being mainly young and rowdy, probably weren’t going to appreciate a succulent like we do so probably no more than 6 weeks out we decided to change the idea to a hangover kit. Instantly we were so fucking pumped about them and couldn’t wait to put together a fun kit.


You can buy kits off Etsy but they were lacking fun things in our opinion. Plus for the price you can do better so we decided to do completely DIY only 6 weeks out. It didn’t really stress either of us out and we just got in and got it done. I had had brands contact me in the lead up to the wedding saying if there was anything we needed that they would be happy to help so I sent out a few emails (and cold called brands too) and we were blown away by just how many people were so excited to help out!

We included:
Thank You Water 600ml*
Matrix Biolage Dry Shampoo*
Colgate 360 Advanced Toothbrush & Optic White Toothpaste*
Trolli Gummi Pizza & Hamburgers
Venus Snap Travel Razor OR Gillette Mach 3 Turbo*
Wotnot Facial Wipes*
Hair Ties + Bobby Pins – just from Ebay
Hero Condom
Carmex Lip Balm*
Purelology Colour Fantatic Hair Beautifier*
2x panadol tablets
1x bandaid
La Roche-Possay Micellar Water*
Thank You Hand Sanitiser*
Berocca Fizzy Melt
Mentos Mint

Bag: Shop for Shops (cheapest I found) and tag were designed by Lauren Dillon Designs.


My tips for creating your own kits is start early! We were really pushing it when it came to packing them only the week before the wedding. We obviously ended up with a HUGE bag thanks to generosity of the companies we worked with but we sunk a fair chunk of money into them as well. I would say Catch of the Day and those kind of sites are amazing for finding cheaper items in bulk. That’s where Isaac found all the mints, Berocca, condoms, lollies and pretty much everything we ended up buying for them so if you start early you will find everything you need via those sites over time. We definitely could’ve got better deals on things like the condoms but we just did not have the time to wait for better offers to come through.


We were so happy with how the kits came out and there were a huge hit with our guests! I think if you’ve got enough time up your sleeve they are such a fun one to do – just make sure you have enough time unlike us!! Our bags were pretty big so just make sure you have an organised space for your guests to grab them on the way out or opt for a smaller kit you can put on the tables – think about that idea before you commit to the idea. We were lucky in that our venue was spacious so it didn’t matter as much but if you’re strapped for space just consider it.


Just have fun with it if you do decide to do a kit! We had alot of brands offer us things but at the end of the day we didn’t want to include things we didn’t love, use when we are hungover or think ‘fuck I wish we had X’ when drunk or hungover. It was fun putting everything together knowing that it was going to be practical and cause some giggles! Again a huge thank you to the brands who helped us out with so little time to go! We love all you guys and so glad we got to include the products in our ‘Hung As Fuck’ bags.


What is the best wedding favour you’ve ever seen?


Photos from 1-4 by our talented photographer @elkandwillow

*products in this post may have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information please view our disclaimer.

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