I know what you’re all thinking, I thought it too, another BB cream but it looks as though the trend is here to stay and that saying ‘if you can’t beat them join them’ seriously applies.

The Rimmel BB Cream Matte is the latest of the affordable BB cream line up but uniquely offering a matte finish, promising to mattify the skin and control shine through the day. The ‘matte’ finish certainly made me perk up my ears because the biggest problem I have with other BB creams is the lasting power, usually by lunch time it’s slid of my skin.

*please excuse the lighting variations throughout this post. It’s winter here and obviously being a progressive foundation review the shots are taken throughout the day rather then the optimal time of day so the lighting does vary.

My skin isn’t looking too badly lately (thank god) with only minor pigmentation around my chin and nose. I applied the BB cream with a flat top kabuki and it blended effortlessly into the skin. I was a little shocked at the formulation, being a matte cream I thought it’d be sticky and hard to blend but it wasn’t at all. The initial finish is extremely matte and a fairly decent, medium coverage. I don’t think that this would be very buildable because of the matte finish – it’d be very cakey if you tried applying more layers but the initial coverage is lovely for everyday.

I did have a few dry patches around my chin from spots that are dried out and this did cling so if you have any dry patches at all I don’t think this would be for you. I added some concealer over the area and it seemed help a little but definitely not one for the dry skin girls. The colour matches me almost perfect which had me SUPER excited because it’s rare for me to find something that matches so well. I also set the t-zone ever-so-slightly with a translucent powder out of habit but I honestly don’t think I need too at all.

After four hours I have the slightest shine around my nose which is generally where I get oily first but I’m extremely impressed by the wear so far. It looks as though it’s just been applied and is holding up well. My blush is still visible and overall it looks great! I wouldn’t bother touching up around my nose at this stage if I seen my skin in the mirror – if anything I think it makes my skin look healthier to see that little bit of shine coming through.

Um hello amazing BB cream you’re now my new best friend! This is 7.5 hours after the initial application and I am oily throughout the T-zone quite badly – it looks worse off camera but overall it worn incredibly well for a BB cream on my combination/oily skin. I removed my make up after taking these photos but I did try touching up with powder and didn’t look amazing so it’s not the best for touch ups. In saying that I don’t think I would touch up my skin with the amount of oil that’s broken through despite it looking a little worse in real life I still don’t think it’s so horrible that I’d race to the bathroom.

Overall I’m super impressed by the latest launch from Rimmel and I’ll continue to wear it. I’d recommend it to anyone who finds most BB creams slide off their face.

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Have you tried this BB cream? What did you think?

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  1. 1

    I wanted to try this but some are saying it broke them out :(. I have such sensitive skin I feel like that would happen to me. It looks so lovely though on everyone I have seen wear it

    • 2

      I haven’t read many other people’s reviews yet (I try not to before reviewing a product) but that’s a shame! I didn’t find it broke me out but unlike you I don’t have sensitive skin. Damn!

  2. 3

    Wow it held up quite well! Coverage is impressive too. I’ll probably give this one a miss though because I always have dried up/breakouts going on so it won’t look pretty! And I’m a bit over the matte finish now that my skin is drier, but this definitely looks like a decent BB cream.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  3. 5

    Love the progressive post, so helpful. I was hesitant to pick this up as I did not like their original BB cream at all. But might now have to give it a go. hmm Rimmel seems to want all my money

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    You look so pretty! I’m loving your hair :) I was also really impressed with the wear of this BB cream, I actually like the finish even better when a little shine comes through. I think the coverage is pretty good too, and I like how it blends into the skin, it almost feels silky!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  7. 13

    Excited by the fact its a matte BB cream, but have to disagree with you about the colour – you are a bit paler than the BB cream, so its looks a little ‘tangoed’ on you unfortunately – and I’m guessing ‘light’ is the lightest colour? Way way too dark for me, when will make up companies cater for pale girls :(

  8. 15

    This looks really good for the price. Rimmel does pretty awesome base products :) sadly I don’t think this would suit me because my skin is a little bit dry and flakey from the winter wind!

  9. 17

    This is one of my favourites however I can’t wear it everyday as I start to breakout after 2-3 consecutive days of wear. One of the best drugstore BB creams out there though!

  10. 19
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