finding-inspiration-as-a-bloggerOne of the most frequently asked question I get is where I find my inspiration for the content here on More Than Adored. I’m very fortunate in the sense that I rarely run out of ideas for our content here on MTA because I have a few things I like to do quite frequently to make sure that I don’t run out of ideas. I’ve complied a list to help you get inspired!

Although we post about fashion and lifestyle topics now for a long time I only wrote about beauty and I know a lot of you read MTA for the daily beauty posts. One thing that has always inspired me to write is new releases. It doesn’t have to inspire you to write a conventional review but it may be something completely outside the box. When I received the Antipodes Immortal SPF15 I instantly wrote down ‘The importance of SPF’ as a topic I wanted to write about (coming soon!). Even if you don’t receive samples frequently, we don’t, but we are constantly stalking Priceline, Adore Beauty and other beauty sites to see what is coming through in the ‘New’ tabs to make sure we are featuring fresh products. You’ll be surprised how one new product can inspire three or four different topics in your mind.

Pinterest is one of the most inspiring spaces on the internet so instead of feeling really down on yourself open up your Pinterest and start pinning! I have a hidden board where I pin ideas for posts. This ranges from a DIY I’d like to try to a photo I like the composition of. It really helps lift your spirits and gets your creativity hat on.

Have a look through your analytics and see what posts have done really well. I know for me some of my most viewed posts are lip swatch collection posts, Top 5 of X and blogging topics so when I’m feeling a bit uninspired I try to think of new topics within those three that I can do. Luckily, those three are among some of my favourite posts to write so I don’t mind ;)

I’m not saying copy another bloggers work because I think that’s one of the most horrible things you can do as a content creator but I feel as though reading other blogs can help you find your mojo. I always have a pen and notepad ready when I’m flicking through Bloglovin’ so I can jot down ideas that stem from other titles. Most of the time they inspire me to create completely different posts but if the concept is similar I always ensure I mention, credit and tweet the blogger the link because it’s my spin on their idea. There is nothing wrong with that but just make sure you’re honest and give credit where credit is due.

I feel as though this topic needs a whole other post on it but for now just know you should never feel limited to what you can do in your creative space. Write about whatever you enjoy writing about and never place restrictions on what type of content you post. Sure it’s fantastic to have a niche but it’s so much more important to write about things YOU love.


What are some of your tips and tricks for finding inspiration?  

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I'm a retail manager by day and a blogger by night aiming to bring you the newest beauty, fashion and lifestyle news. More Than Adored was created to help beauty lovers, like myself, make informed decisions when it comes to buying new goodies.

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    I love looking at other blogs, especially ones not in the beauty niche, for inspiration! Also shopping my stash really helps. Interestingly enough, conversations with my friends (eg. complaining about acne) can bring about a whole post by itself! Haha.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

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      I do too! It’s so inspiring reading others content. And I have so many posts inspired by friends uncertainties too! X

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    Love this post Sarah! I’ve found swatches of my collection do really well as well. And I love Pinterest, it’s so addictive! I even started planning a wedding on there despite being single… The pretty pictures were too hard to ignore!

    Silver Screen Beauty Queens

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      Haha oh trust me I get lost in Pinterest alll the time. I have a hidden baby board (I feel crazy telling you that)

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    I’m similar to you where I don’t lack inspiration…. but sometimes motivation can be hard. When life is chaotic, it can be hard to find the time and motivation to dedicate to the blog. So much goes on behind the scenes and a post can take as little as 30 minutes to create or sometimes it can be 3 days. I wish that I had 5 more hours in the day ;)

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