Welcome to our newest series ‘People We More Than Adored’ (yep, we WILL use our blog name as much as possible) where we’ll be interviewing a whole bunch of inspiring, amazing people. This week is a little introduction to our latest contributor Bethany, who you’ll see popping up in the lifestyle and fashion sections on More Than Adored.

Q: Bethany! Welcome to the More Than Adored team – tell everyone a bit more about yourself.
Thankyou! I would say that I am a quintessential summer girl, the beach is like home to me. I would also say I’m very honest and down to earth, I really like feminine and romantic things such as lace and anything with a bows or polka dots on it. I really like to take every opportunity I can to work hard and make people feel good.

Q: Why do you love writing and what are your favourite topics to cover?
I love writing because the whole process is a lot of fun (and hard work!) it is something I am so passionate about and it is so rewarding having someone appreciate or read what I write. My favourite topics to cover are usually life related topics as they are so honest and relatable. I also love fashion topics and seeing what other people are loving as I spend far too much money on clothes and sometimes those posts tide me over… or they encourage me to spend more.

Q: What three products can you just not get enough of at the moment?
– Model Co’s Natural Tan Self Tanning Lotion
– Nars Blush in Orgasm
– They’re Real Mascara by Benefit

Q: Spill the contents of your handbag… Is there anything inside that we’ll never find you without?
It is pretty full at the moment! I have the usual handbag essentials like headphones, water and my purse. There are also a few other summery items in it like sunscreen, moisturiser and a face mask! However you will never find me without my favourite pair of sunglasses, a lip balm, my phone and diary. So my handbag is pretty big…

Q: You pen your own amazing blog Little White Lane too. What will people find over there?
Yes I do and I love it so much! People will find a little more of me and blog posts on a few different things, mainly beauty at the moment as I have been enjoying that but I have a few exciting things in the works that I can’t wait to get out.

Finish these sentences…

It’s kind of embarrassing but I love… Taylor Swift. So. Much.

The first thing I do every morning is… Eat some breakfast while checking Instagram. Multitasking!

On Saturday night you’ll find me… Probably enjoying a night in at home watching movies or TV shows or having a bubble bath with some type of Lush product!

I’m the happiest when… I am spending time with my best friend or boyfriend, when I am at the beach or when I am with my two furry friends Peanut and Bella.

My celeb crush is… Harry Styles. All that hair.

Make sure you head on over and check out Bethany’s links and keep an eye out for her stories on MTA.


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I'm a retail manager by day and a blogger by night aiming to bring you the newest beauty, fashion and lifestyle news. More Than Adored was created to help beauty lovers, like myself, make informed decisions when it comes to buying new goodies.

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