What a month October has been and so many launches in the beauty world. Although Christmas has well and truly started there are sill some amazing lines coming out this month – enjoy!


Nuxe White Range
The white range from Nuxe sounds super scary but essentially all it’s about it really focusing on brightening and lightning the skin. In Australia we’ve landed the cleaner, sheet, masks and a serum. I do not like the cleanser at all but all the other products are great. I have noticed a reduction in pigmentation around my chin since using the serum over the past few months. The texture is very light so it allows you to apply it without feelings like you have a million different layers on the skin. Is it better then good old Rosehip oil? I’m not sure but it is a welcomed addition to my skincare and one I think you could easily slot into your existing routine easily.


The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Range
I’ve been using The Body Shop skincare for as long as I can remember especially the body butters. I usually opt for coconut or strawberry but this new scent is seriously delicious. It’s very fresh and if you closed your eyes you would actually think there were a mojito in front of you – delicious! The body butters are such a staple for summer because they’re so hydrating! There is also the body scrub (pictured) which is absolutely lovely for a gentle exfoliate, a body splash and shower gel in the range. Worth a sniff!


Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport Range
The latest SPF range from Neutrogena in preparation for summer is the Cool Dry Sport range. It has a fancy ‘micro mesh’ technology which is designed to help cool skin instantly and allow sweet to evaporate away. I’m not sure about those claims but in terms of a SPF that’s lightweight, not tacky on the skin and doesn’t feel/smell horrible this one is a great option! It comes in a spray or lotion.


Elizabeth Arden Always Red
This scent is gorgeous! It’s a very sophisticated scent with a mix of warmth, sweetness and a tiny bit of floral. It reminds me of a perfume my Mum used to wear when I was younger which makes me all nostalgic! The notes include red plum, blood orange, passionfruit,, praline, cashmere woods and amber. I don’t think I’ll be keeping it as I feel like it’s a little too old for me but I’m sure my Mum will love it.


St Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion
Everyone and their Mum has been talking about this product so I was super intrigued to see how it went. You apply this lotion out of the water in the shower, wait 3 minutes then rinse. I really like to soft hint of colour it gives the skin and like a gradual moisturiser it can be built up over a few days which is cool. The standing in the shower for 3 minutes wet is doesn’t bother me throughout the warmer months but in the winter it could be an issue. The issue I have it the amount you use! I’ve already smashed through half of this within a matter of weeks. A cool concept and it’s definitely going to grow and improve from here however if you’re after a super intense tan look elsewhere.


QV Shower Milk
I have chicken skin on my arms quite badly and in summer the heat seems to make it flare up even more (boo) but this shower milk has helped me ensure I’m keeping the area clean without any added nasties – it has no fragrances, soaps, colours or preservatives. Generally I do switch to a more gentle shower gel in the summer (so boring but necessary) so I’ve been loving this. It also leaves the skin feeling super soft and moisturised!
Benefit Air Patrol
There is a full review on this one coming soon but it’s Benefit’s latest edition to their line up. The BB Cream Eyelid Primer is designed to lock on eyeshadow, hydrate and colour-correct. I’m still in two minds about it because it does help shadow stay on, it’s tinted so it does colour correct however I do find the consistency a little too runny and the packaging sucks. Keep an eye out for my full review coming soon!


Britney Spears Fantasy Intimate Edition
Doesn’t this take you back? Remember when everyone had these at high school? Those were the days! The latest edition to the Britney Spears line up…. Is well pretty darn delicious and the inner teen in me loves it! It’s very warm and slightly fruity. Notes include vanilla, musk, jasmine, litchi and lemon. I cringe that I like this scent but I do – if you’re after a nice gift or budget option then this is a great one.


Antipodes Chia & Kiwi Superfood Serum
I feel as though the Antipodes stand would be overflowing with serums now because they have so many of them! This one is designed to restore youthful vitality and give your skin a good whack of moisture. Essentially it’s kiwi and chia seed oils. Honestly I like it as an oil but I do think it’s better for drier skins as it’s so rich. I wasn’t a huge fan but if you have dry skin then this could be a good way for you to give your skin a good boost.


The Body Shop Italian Summer Fig
I can’t decide with this one! On one hand it smells lovely but then somedays I spray it and it just reminds me of a toilet spray. Anyway! The Body Shop have a range of Eau De Toilette’s out for summer and if you’re after a fresh, fig scent this is for you.


Lanolips Pear 101 Ointment
I don’t have to talk about this one too much because you guys know I’m obsessed with Lanolips! There is a new flavour in store and if you’re a fan of pear you definitely need to check this one out! It’s very reminiscent of pear which is a different flavour for a lip balm and I like it! Not one I’d apply before bed but I love it regardless.


Rosehip Plus Cream Cleanser
I’m so excited to share this one with you because IT’S SO GOOD! Super gentle and really, really love to use on the skin. Even my combination/oily skin appreciates the thick creamy cleanser… I don’t have much else to say about it – it’s a fab, affordable, non-stripping and luxurious cleanser!


Eylure Brow Palette, Stencils and Pencil
Yay for more affordable brow products! Elyria have released a collection with three different shades in pencils and powders. I have to admit I use a mixture of the powder and pencil so I don’t have a firm favourite – they’re both fantastic! The pencil is waxy and not overly soft so you have optimal control. The brow palette has a wax which I prefer and also a powder plus a highlight. I’d give or take the highlight shade but it’s a great pigmented palette! As for the stencils it’s a concept I haven’t quite figured out and for me I just don’t think are necessary but if you need a guide the pack contains 4 different shapes.


Sisley So Intense Eyeliner
You would have already read my review on this bad earlier on in this week so I won’t go on about it. It’s expensive but so so so good!


House of Holland Nails by Elegant Touch
If you’ve been following me for a little while you’ll know I’m a big fan of the good old stick on nails. They’re fun and easy to use! These ones by Elegant Touch are absolutely gorgeous and they have a few other designs out now that are super cute too.


Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair
This is a serious retinol product and what I like about it is that Demagogic have made it very easy to use. It comes with the treatment and a buffer cream which is there to help when your skin is still getting used to the retinol. Once your skin is used to it you can start mixing the treatment with your regular night time moisturiser. I REALLY love that Dermalogica have gone and done that because typically retinol products are very intense! I’ve only been using this a week so far, so good but I’ll be reviewing the product with before and after pictures in about a months time. Overall I adore the concept and cannot wait to see the results I get.


Have you tried anything new? What were your thoughts?


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