INSTAGRAM VS. REALITY #bloggerskeepingitreal


I could’ve just mentioned this in The Weekly Notes but I felt like I had alot to say on the matter and wanted to open up the comments to your opinion too. Would love to see your #bloggerskeepingitreal posts over on Instagram!


Instagram is more and more becoming a platform where people interact, visit and watch their favourite celebrities and bloggers through the screen of their phone. No longer do we necessarily need to venture to the newsagents to find out who had their baby, look up what the weather is like in Melbourne or discover the latest product or craze. Through content creators and brands running social media accounts we are able to access so much information with just a scroll, double tab or swipe. Although we are all doing it I feel like our brains haven’t quite caught up yet. Instagram is the latest magazine where, content creators and brands, are able to portray something really beautiful and tell a story yet often you (and I!) long for the perfectly portrayed life of accounts like Gary Pepper Girl. It’s not reality.

I’m lucky in the sense that I can see it from a consumers point of view as well as a content creator. I run the MTA page where I do post a beauty product, food, style post and I do select images to upload and create a well edited space. Sure it’s not a colour cooridinated strictly beauty account however I choose to keep it that way to a certain degree because I want it to still be a fun, spontaneous experience. After all social media, blogging – all of it started as a hobby and then grew from there (for me anyway).


It shits me (for lack of a better term) that we become so emotionally invested in social media…. Who cares if Ashy Bines has a perfect butt or has put on a few extra KG’s? It shouldn’t be something you log onto and feel really crappy about. After all we do have control. Click unfollow if an account makes you feel bad or you catch yourself comparing yourself to someone – it’s not worth it. And if you are an Instagrammer who is earning $300-2,000 a post you CHOOSE what you upload, you have control and you can turn down sponsorships if taking a photo in your bikini is going to make you pick yourself apart. We all have choice and no one is forcing us to do anything on social media.

I guess this is where I mention that last month we saw the teen model and Instagram sensation Essena O’Neil come out and call social media fake based on her experiences. Personally I found it insulting that O’Neil looped all bloggers and social media people into her drama about how she felt on social media. The feeling isn’t mutual. Now O’Neil has appealed to fans for money because without Instagram (apparently) she is unable to afford rent. WHAT. Even thinking of the drama makes me feel uneasy…


The reality is that behind every photo there is a person running that account who does not have a perfect life and just because they post about doing yoga or the latest beauty launches… In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t even matter. What we all need to accept is that it’s a platform that will have advertising posts by others in it and some people will make their accounts look like a beautiful magazine spread. It’s just the way media is heading.

Now if you haven’t seen the hashtag I’ve been posting on a little bit over the past year I encourage y’all to head over and upload something raw , unfiltered and honest using the hashtag #bloggerskeepingitreal – even if you’re not a blogger because life isn’t perfect and it’s fun to see behind the scenes!


Do you struggle to separate real life from instagram?


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  1. 1

    Well written, Sarah!! Sometimes when I’m having a down day, I would turn my phone on airplane mode and just take a break from social media. I try to get inspired from instagram accounts rather than feeling envy of people’s “picture-perfect” lives. Love the hashtag! :)


    Yours Truly, NY

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  4. 7

    I’m right with you, I was actually pretty outraged by the whole Essena thing, I think it was really naive of her to lump all bloggers and social media ‘gurus’ into one group. We’re not all getting paid thousands for Instagram photos, some of us are using it as a creative platform and are perfectly happy using it! That’s how I feel anyway.

  5. 9

    Spoken like you’re #keepingitreal Sarah 🙌🏻 Kudos to you..very admirable post…and something I feel quite passionate about also..I try to use my Insta acct as a personal pin-up board..of things I like &!ove…rather than glamour selfies, or staged picture..Theres enough of that to last you 100 lifetimes if that’s what you’re into..if you don’t like what I’m posting ,like you said unfollow.. I started falling into the trap of posting for appearances a while back, ‘posting for the peeps’ softly colour coded , easy on the eye etc, and realised it took away what it was that I personally enjoyed about Instagram .. It’s interesting too, recently I posted a double photo and spiel about something controversial and close to my heart ..nobody would touch it, no likes and in fact I lost some followers..because I was #keeping it real..I post what I like now..and post for me..hopefully people enjoy what I post but if not..follow someone else..I’m not bothered anymore. xx

  6. 11

    Perfectly said. Recently (posted about it on my blog) I did struggle with the whole intagram/ reality thing in regards to my pregnancy. Based off instagram personalities & celebs, I placed so many unrealistic expectations on myself that I was unable to live up to. It made me feel like shit but then I remembered the advice I gave to everyone else and needed to take it on myself. It’s so easy to portray certain things with a simple photo but those things aren’t always real. Great post Sarah <3


    • 12
  7. 13

    Hear hear Sarah! What an important message to convey, and you’ve done it beautifully. It’s so easy to get caught up in this make-believe world of social media, but not everything is as it seems. I think as long as people keep that in mind and keep grounded, they will be healthy social media users. xx

    Daniela |

  8. 15

    I really agree with your post Sarah. These days I feel like it should be common sense that people post things to make money and to advertise. I love instagram and social media but I know not to take it so seriously. I don’t think there is ANYTHING wrong with a beautifully staged instagram. I love them. But I know that it is not just a normal iphone snap.
    I completely agree with you about Essena as well. Isn’t she still very young, I do feel she was not really ready for a full time job and all the responsibility that came with it. I also think she probably got into it for the wrong reasons. ( Can she not move back home?)

  9. 17

    I totally agree with this, it’s hard seeing these perfect accounts and not longing for them. However, these posts are great as they remind me that they’re not always as perfect as they seem. Thanks for this, give me a reminder and some peace of mind <3

    • 18

      For sure. I appreciate the effort people put into instagram shots but alot of the time they are staged and designed for capturing a beautiful photo!

  10. 19

    great post – i personally think people need to take any social media platform with a grain of salt as the saying goes.

  11. 21

    I agree! We are all so invested in social media that we forget about our own life!

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