This post I’m going to do a classic #bloggerskeepingitreal and chat about hair removal at home with the pro’s, con’s and problems that can arise. It maybe TMI but 2 years ago I would’ve loved if a blogger spoke about it in a REAL PPL way rather then not at all.


A bit of a background about my hair removal journey (ugh, doesn’t that sound awful). When I was 13 my Mum wouldn’t let me shave under my arms as much as I tried to convince her. A trip to her waxer resulted in a very scarred 13 year old in tears. I yelled, made a scene and I’m unsure if I even let the waxer finish because it was so painful. After that I began shaving my legs and underarms for the majority of my teens. I never had any issues apart from my hair growing back fairly dark and against my pale skin it would stand out meaning I was shaving fairly frequently. As puberty progressed so did my hair growth in areas I didn’t want hair so I also *cringing as I type this* decided to take the razor to my pubes AND snail trail that, now looking back, was barely noticeable. Let’s just say that it’s a decision I’ve been living with and regretting for years! 


Moving onto more recent times I’ve dabbled in waxing but I honestly don’t love having another lady poking around my parts whilst trying to sell me their latest treatment. Gritting your teeth and saying ‘no thank you’ isn’t my idea of a good time. It’s awkward. Plus I always find I get more ingrown hairs when I wax. My skin is a sensitive thing! So I’ve switched from shaving and waxing for various areas of the body but never really loved the results. I also waxed at home for a little while too and the at home pots haven’t even bought me any luck. They’re so harsh and as I said I have sensitive skin so it never worked out well. I’m currently considering laser hair removal but I haven’t really looked into it enough to make an informed decision. I’d love to hear your experiences below.


We’re now at my current situation and I’ve been introduced to a life changing product which is the Braun Silk – Epil 9. It’s a life changing product for me! I use this on my stomach, arms, bikini line and legs without any issues at all. It IS painful to start off with but after a few goes it does get less painful (a claim on the package I totally scoffed at me I received it). It has a few different attachments for different things and you can use it in the water if you prefer as well. I find I only have to use it once every two weeks at the moment which is amazing. The results are comparable to waxing but you can do it at home and I find it a little more gentle on the skin. I always follow up with the Aveeno Dermexa Moisturising Cream but it’s cooling, gentle and super hydrating. It helps soothe the skin and moisturise the area.


If you’ve been struggling with hair removal and you’re unsure what to try next I would highly recommend giving this gadget a try. It’s something I never considered however I’m so glad I tried it. It’s an investment but in the long run it’s cheaper then in salon treatments which is a huge plus. I’m thinking I will eventually do laser hair removal but I just have no idea where to go or if it’s for me!

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What’s your preferred method of hair removal?


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    Epilating is ahhh-mazingggg! My mum and sisters all did it so I started out with it rather than shaving. Good thing I did because now it doesn’t hurt at all and my hairs (at least on my legs) are pretty faint!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

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  3. 5

    I tried an epilator (my sister’s I think) when I was younger and it scarred me for life haha! Maybe now I am an adult and (hopefully) have a higher pain threshold I should give it a go!

    Kate | themintedblog.com

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      It’s painful to start with but then it becomes less painful as you get used to it and know what to expect? I actually like the feeling know… Kinda like waxing certain areas? HAAH

  6. 11

    Not going to lie I’m a wee bit scared of epilating just because some people say it’s so painful, but is really annoying having to shave so frequently.

    God I have some really embarrassing hair removal stories from when I was growing up as well, so cringe-worthy to look back on now!


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