Waking up early is a habit I’ve slowly but surely adapted into my everyday life. Now it’s a daily habit I couldn’t imagine sleeping past 7am on the daily. Here are some reasons why being ann early riser is an awesome way to start the day.


1.You get to enjoy the peaceful quietness that comes with that time of morning
There is nothing that compares to the hours before 7am. It’s so quiet and peaceful! I’ve noticed a really big change in my mindset and approach to the rest of day because it’s a calm way to start my day which has surprised me. The way my attitude has changed into a more positive outlook is so worth losing an hour sleep.



2.Eating well is easier
Imagine not rushing to make your breakfast or pack your lunch? It’s dreamy and means you can have well thought out meals rather then 2 minute noodles or Milo cereal. Studies have shown that people who choose nutrition foods for breakfast make smarter and healthier eating choices later on in the day – win!


3.You have more ‘me’ time
Whether it’s a break from the kids or a quiet hour before you go to work it allows you to have an hour to yourself. You can plan your day, right a list or read a book without any guilt or stress because you’ve given yourself an extra hour to do what you please with it. You eliminate that need to rush in the morning setting you up for a better, more relaxed day!


Are you an early riser too?

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      I was just saying to my boyfriend that some people work the opposite way. I guess we all have our own routines that work for us :)

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    I think it depends if you are a morning person or not. I am. I get up before 7am too. Between then and 10am i usually do all the cleaning up and organising for the day. Today I even did some painting. Then I jump in the shower when bubs goes for her nap. even though i have a shower late, everything is done and i have the whole rest of the day to do whatever i want!

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    I’ve never been an early riser because I’m just not a morning person, when I wake up at 7 it usually takes me until around 10 just to start coming out of a morning haze. I’m a night owl all the way, I actually find around midnight to be a really peaceful time for me.


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      It’s crazy to me that other people are so the opposite and think the same thing about those night hours but kinda makes sense hahaha!

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