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Festivals are fun but if you’re a newbie too attending you may be wondering what to wear. Here are some of my top tips for nailing your outfit for your next festival.


Try something new
If there is a time to try something new it’s at a festival! The colour purple in the Clovelly Pink Two Piece Set I’m wearing is SO not like me. Usually I’m a monochrome and fussy with prints but at a festival fashion ‘rules’ go so out the window. It’s fun to try something new even if it’s baby steps like I’ve done. I wasn’t sure about wearing the two pieces together so I’ve styled both separately rather then together. Whether it’s a new colour, slightly different silhouette or even something really daring just go for it!


Forget trends
Although trends are ace and they give us all inspiration for our everyday wardrobes I think that festivals are the one place where you can have fun. Most of the time you accidentally end up including something that ‘on trend’, like with the off the shoulder top, but don’t dress to impress! It’s important to be A) super comfy and not restricted because chances are it’ll be a long day and B) remember that everyone else is there to have fun so they’re not going to be worried if you’re wearing something that is thrifted or current trend/seasonal.


I should practice what I preach more but festival wear really has it’s own category and if you’re a regular attender you’ll know what I mean when I say bitches go cray with their accessories. Maybe it’s just because it’s so bloody hot (at Australian festivals anyway) people where not much clothing but have fun with everything else like sunnies, chokers, hair accessories, bracelets, cool socks and the list is endless. I’m a bit of a basic bitch and only added the choker and sunglasses but again – have fun with it!
Sensible footwear
The most important tip of all is wearing comfy shoes that won’t slip off. Forget thongs because you’ll definitely bust a plug in the mosh pit and then have to find an alternative pair of shoes or go shoeless.. Been there and done that. If there has been rain RAINBOOTS, if you’re not a huge mosh person sandals that are secure on your feet will be fine. Just think ahead and remember you’ll be on your feet ALL day so don’t wear heels plzzz. These Midas October Slides are a dream because they’re so comfy and the double strap means they don’t fall off your feet!


What I’m wearing:  Clovelly Pink Two Piece Set (size 8) | Midas October Slides | H&M Bag (not current) | Elroy Eyewear Florence in Gold |  Nude Lucy Lundi Crop (size S)|  Sportsgirl Floaty Shorts (not current, similar here) | Uncle Jack Watch


What are your top tips for dressing for festivals?



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    Great post Sarah and perfect timing too! I am currently racking my brains out for what to wear to Field Day coming up so this definitely gave me a few ideas! But what you said is totally true, festivals are usually where I go completely go out of my comfort zone and go for something different to my usual look. Love the print on these two pieces! xx

    Chantalle | http://www.ceceandgrace.blogspot.com.au

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