This week was a quiet one because last week I was so super sick I took a day off work. Anyone who knows me knows I have only ever called in sick when I’ve been in hospital or someone has died – I hate taking days off from work.


On a lighter note something exciting that happened last week was Isaac got the most amazing tattoo done by our local tattooist Rick. He is a legend and it turned out even better than expected. You can see a photo of it here on Rick’s Instagram but it doesn’t show all of the tattoo because it wraps around Isaac’s leg. Now I have a huge tattoo itch! I’ve only got the crown on my wrist and I’ve been talking about getting more for ages. I know I definitely want one of Simba (not even joking) along with a few other ideas I’ve had brewing for a little while. We have our smaller ones already in the works of getting an app with a Melbourne tattooist however my bigger pieces will have to wait. I’m just so excited! I love that we both really enjoy tattoos because I’ve known other couples who feel really differently about tattoos and I couldn’t stand that.


The past month I’ve really got back into reading which has me ridiculously excited because it’s something I used to really enjoy and it was actually a new years resolution to read more. I just finished Bloom by Estee Lalonde and although it was more like a super long blog post I found it really relatable. It was an easy read and I felt like Estee did a great job to keep things completely HER and draw from her experiences to create a cohesive book. It’s not one I would read again but I loved hearing more about her life and I’m glad to have it on the book shelf.


Any book recommendations? Hit me up!

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    I always have a tattoo itch hahaha! The last one I got was last year this month and I am dying for another. I just need to decide on which one I want next and gather together my pennies haha.

    Kate |

  2. 3

    I seem to find the link to Rick’s IG post? Would love to see Isaac’s tattoo! I have the tattoo itch since getting my first tatt early last year. I’ve booked in to get a coloured one at the end of next month. I’m so excited!!! In saying that, before I got that tattoo, I never really thought about getting one myself but now I want moooorreee! Lol.

    xo Kat @ Katness

  3. 5

    I have a tattoo, albeit not a very good one. But I was criticized for it by both of my long term boyfriends. Rude right? I can’t stand it when people judge people over stupid shit like that. Like, great, you don’t like tattoos? Then don’t get one & keep your asshole opinions to yourself. haha
    As far as books go, I just finished reading “ice cream for breakfast” and it was also kind of like reading a long blog post, very easy and fun read about a writer who got a job as a nanny as a way to cure herself of burnout. She writes about all the things she learnt about life from the kids she looked after.

    • 6

      Wow that is ridic RUDE! One of my friends had a long term boyfriend who hated smoking, drugs and tattoos so much it was a deal breaker for him. I can kinda get the smoking and drugs but come off it tattoos?!? That is ridiculous. Once they broke up she went and got one straight away haha. The way I see them in an extension of your self and style. I really think they’re just like having a unique piece of clothing except obviously they are permanent haha. But they aren’t that big of a deal!

  4. 8

    My boyfriend’s parents and my parents all have tattoos! It’s awesome to have a supportive family that accepts body art. I feel like tattoos are an awesome way to make yourself unique and share your personality to the world! Please post your new tattoos when you get them please! xx

  5. 10

    Hahah there’s always the huge difficulty of deciding what you want as a tattoo- I don’t have one myself but have friends who get them! I’ve wanted to get my hands on Estee Lalonde’s Bloom book, but never really got around to it. Glad to hear your opinion on it, I could imagine it reading as more like a long blog post rather than a novel. You should try reading When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi- it’s a true story which is sad but a great read!

  6. 12

    Look at you ticking off that new years resolution!
    I really should get more into reading. As you, I used to read very often, a book-a-day even. I can’t say that’s the case anymore, unfortunately.

    A tattoo is so exciting! You should do a post into the process of deciding and designing on your tattoo.


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