Over the past 12 months my style has changed so much and it’s been a really eye opening experience. I thought I’d share a few reason why evolving your style is important.


You grow so your style should too
Over my teen years and into my 20’s  I was always known for wearing monochromatic outfits and refusing to wear print or colour. Yep. How crazy is that?! I’ve also always been known as a bit of a tomboy and not an overly frilly girl but those aspects I still in my style now however I’m completely open to wearing pink and prints! I don’t want to say ‘as you grow up so should your style’ because I believe that my Mum who is in her 40’s rocks a mini dress better than I do! BUT. Keeping an open mind and allowing your style to change or try new things is so freeing.


The more you evolve the more confidence you find
This has been a huge one for me and I think it’s also because I stopped worrying about what other people wore. God growing up I always wanted what other people had regardless if they were a size 6 and I was a size 12. Now I’m less concerned about other peoples’ styles and more concerned with what makes me feel amazing! When you feel amazing you carry yourself a different way and it really changes the perception of yourself plus other people’s perception of you too. Someone said to me the other day ‘yeah but you are so confident in the things you wear’. Biggest. Compliment. Ever. I put it down to allowing myself to try new things (not everything works out BTW) and being excited about it.


It’s fun!
I always feel really weird about giving fashion advice because although I absolutely love sharing tips with you guys I never want it to come across as a bible. Take everything I say with a pinch of salt! I honestly believe that fashion is meant to be fun and that if you’re having fun then that’s all that matters.


What I’m wearing: Imonni Oscar Knit Jumper (gifted, size S) | Nobody Denim Charlotte Jeans (size 28, runs small) | Asos Baker Boy (sold out, available in black) | Le Specs Sunglasses (not current, similar) | Top End O’Neil Boots (gifted) 


Do you think that evolving your style is important?

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  1. 1

    I do think it’s important that your sense of style evolves because what you liked at 17 might not be what you like at 23 or 30 or beyond. I know myself that I’ve begun shifting away from wearing lots of colour to just having a hint of it in my outfits. I remember HATING pink when I was in my teens, but somewhere along the way that changed & now I’m ok with that shade. I also know that until recently I wasn’t a huge fan of monochrome & now I’m finding myself gravitating towards black, white & grey clothing. It’s a bit strange, but I’m trying to roll with it.

    Shell // The Novice Life

    • 2

      I think it’s fun to roll with it though! There is so much pressure to have a ‘style’ that sometimes you almost feel afraid to wear certain things because it’s not apart of that but I say fuck it :)

  2. 3

    I love the way you approach fashion & I REALLY need to take leaf out of your book. I am so over my clothes right now, I just can’t seem to make them work anymore! I think I’m a little bored of them. I honestly browse asos daily for inspiration but I’m just not drawn to anything these days!

    • 4

      Aww thanks Mel! Maybe go in store and try things on? I find online can be hard because you can’t imagine how things will hang on you. That is probs easier said than done with a little one x

  3. 5

    I totally agree that style is meant to be fun and that experimenting with it is the only way to learn when you really love and what you feel most comfortable and confident in. I’m going through a bit of an evolution myself at the moment and I’m really enjoying getting back into it again.


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