This is the dream team behind MTA. I’m (Sarah) the editor and content creator who is steering the ship making sure shit gets done but that shit wouldn’t get done without Isaac. Isaac is the dude behind the camera. The one you don’t see but fuck is he incredible! He keeps me level-headed, shoots my good angles (most of the time) and tells me to chill out when I’m stressed out. We are hitched (if you couldn’t guess by the photo) and we are obsessed with Simba the Frenchie who is also a big behind the scenes part of the website. He is the best at distracting me and making sure I know when the postman arrives.


There has been a few other writers around these parts in the past and for them – thank you for being apart of the dream team!!

For now it’s just us three, my family, helping me hustle and holding on for the ride.

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Photo by Jess from Elk & Willow.