SARAH // founder + editor + main content creator

Sarah is our founder + editor-in-chief who turned More Than Adored from a personal blog to a mini-magazine that you’re reading now. When she’s not updating the website you can probably find her munching on pretzels whilst scrolling through her Instagram feed (seriously she needs help).


IMG_8421ISAAC // lifestyle contributor
Isaac is Sarah’s partner in crime in life and probably knows more about beauty then the average guy should. A huge lover of the Tigers football club, gin connoisseur, DIY king and health addict Isaac will be sharing DIY’s, recipes and other health tips over in the lifestyle section. You can follow Isaac on Instagram & Twitter


embiophotoEMILY // lifestyle contributor
Emily is our favourite fellow tea lover who writes for our lifestyle section. Responsible for the most delicious recipes and bestest life advice her articles are one to keep an eye on. For more inspiration, head over to her amazing blog Dear You Love Em. She’s also over on Instagram + Twitter.


20130620-142638KRYSTELLE // beauty contributor
Krystelle is one of our beauty contributors who knows her way around a camera. When she’s not giving you beauty tips and tricks you’ll find her looking through the lens of her camera in her day gig as a photographer. If you’re after some serious photography inspiration – visit Krystelle’s website. She’s also over on Instagram.



BETHANY // lifestyle & fashion contributor
When Beth isn’t writing lifestyle or fashion content here on More Than Adored you’ll most likely find her chilling at the beach or updating her Instagram. Bethany pens her own personal beauty, fashion or lifestyle blog Little White Lane and is also over on Twitter.