loreal-collection-exclusive-nudesL’oreal have some incredible women at the forefront of their brand. From Eva to Fredia, all the ladies are all unique and beautiful. To celebrate this L’oreal have released a collection of lipsticks and nails polishes the reflect five of the ambassadors. A good range of nudes can be found, claiming that everyone will be able to find one to suit them.

The packaging you’ll find these lipsticks in is different to anything else by L’oreal and it’s gorgeous. Encased in a matte black tube with gold writing, L’oreal have created something classy for this collection, I only wish that they would spread that across the rest of their ranges. Each lipstick is clearly identifiable to the ambassadors by their signatures – a nice, personalised touch.

When I first opened the collection I was a little confused. In the tube these lipsticks look like barbie pinks and dark peaches but once swatched I was amazed by the beautiful colours that laid before me. Although they are sheer, every colour is undeniably unique and you can tell that the five shades have been weaselled down with a lot of thought.

Eva’s Nude is the first in the line of swatches it’s one that pulls fairly dark and slightly more peach. Next is Doutzen’s Nude which is a light cool toned pink – very sheer but comfortable on the lips. Next is Julianne’s Nude, my pick from the bunch, a slightly more pink shade with a bit of warmth. Freida’s Nude is definitely the most mauve toned but light Doutzen’s is more sheer on the lips. Last up J Lo’s Nude is a little mauvey but mainly has peach tones which is just gorgeous on the lips.

Each lipsticks is very creamy, slightly sheer and comfortable to wear. What comes with a comfortable lip product is not much longevity. Although each shade is absolutely stunning, I would recommend testing these in store as the formulation won’t be for everyone. For me, I adore Julianne’s Nude and I think that’s the one that’ll I’ll be wearing most.

What do you think of this collection?

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    I remember L’Oreal bringing out a similar collection a few years ago??? These are such pretty shades, they will look great on everyone!

    • 4

      Hmm I’m not 100% sure! I’ve never seen it here before but they probably did! Brands have a habit of revamping and relaunching lines every few years :) xx

  3. 5

    Can’t wait for these to be released – I’ll be giving them all a good old swatch in stores :)

    Ash / thebeautycollection.wordpress.com

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    These lipsticks look so gorgeous, the L’Oreal collections have been stunning recently :) I don’t think I could pick a favourite from these shades, can’t wait to get my hands on these!


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    Are they available in Australia yet Sarah? They all look gorgeous and I can’t wait to get some to add to my collection.

    • 20

      Hey Olivia! They will be available towards the end of Jan so keep an eye out. I always find Priceline put things out a little early too so hopefully even sooner :) xo

      • 21

        These babies will be available in WA Priceline stores in about 2 weeks! Thanks Sarah!

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      I love the formulation! At first I thought it wasn’t for me, I usually go bold and matte, but it’s super comfy! xo

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    I love these lipsticks – so creamy and easy to use! Grabbed J-Lo and Eva’s nude but I think I’ll need to add Julianne’s nude to my collection

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