One of the most frequently asked questions on our Instagram (come say hey!) is what THE eyeshadow palette worth investing in. Palettes are expensive and if you’re an everyday you don’t need more than one so we’ve given you the lowdown on the three that are seriously good.

1. Sigma Warm Neutrals Palette
This is my top pick over any other palette I own and I’ve tried. For some it may lose points for not having a matte black included however, for me, it’s perfect as I really don’t use matte black shadows that often.The formulation is beautifully creamy, easy to blend and pigmented. These shadows last all day and I’ve never had a problem with them creasing throughout the day when applied over a primer. If you’re looking for a good basic palette that has almost everything you need then this is a fantastic option.

2. Lorac Pro Palette
The palette everyone raves about and I’ve had a moment with this palette as well. This contains sixteen shadows with eight matte and eight shimmer so you get a good range of shades and finishes. The reason I personally prefer the Sigma is because of the issue I have with eyeshadow creasing on my extremely oily/eyelids and I find these shadows do crease even after priming. I think it’s because the shadows are so buttery and soft! However if you have relatively normal eyelids and that’s not an issue for you this is an awesome one to get your hands on. As I said the range of finishes and shades is really fantastic – the shad ‘mauve’ is like no other!

3. Gorgeous Cosmetics Custom Eye Palette in ‘Everyday Beauty’
Gorgeous Cosmetic Eyeshadows were the first shadows I ever owned and I still think they’re amazing quality – even better then MAC shadows. This palette isn’t as versatile as the others as it’s only shimmer but the quality is faultless. These don’t crease on me and are still easy to blend as well as very pigmented. You can create custom palettes in store so you can always pick and choose shades to suit your needs too! This is a pre-made palette and would be best suited to those who love shimmer shadows or only really wear shadows for special occasions.


What is your number one, top pick when it comes to eyeshadow palettes?

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  1. 1

    I love the Lorac Pro Palette–so much so that I also bought the second iteration! It’s great if you like warm toned shadows but I haven’t found a good, do-it-all cool toned shadow palette just yet. Do you have any recommendations?

    • 2

      I have the Naked 2 palette which is on the cooler side and I really enjoy it! There is so many swatches online so definitely look into it. I almost included that one in this post but I’m going through a real warm tone phase at the moment :)

      Let me know what you end up with :) xx

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    Love the look of the Sigma palette! I have never used a black matte shadow from a single palette I own, so that fully doesn’t bother me!

    Jess –

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    I have always wanted to own one of the Lorac palettes, the Lorac Unzipped original is the one that appeals to me the most, the shades are so romantic looking! I just entered a giveaway to win a Gorgeous Cosmetics palette, I hear such great things about their products, especially their lip liners! x
    Beauty Wanderer

    • 14

      Oooo I haven’t tried their lip liners! I love their shadows, lipsticks, foundation and eyelashes though. It’s such a quality make up line that I feel doesn’t get talked about as much as it should. The Lorac Unzipped is a palette I’ve been lusting after as well!!! I really can’t justify it though xD

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