Jo Malone currently have a little limited edition collection called “Rock The Ages” that is includes 5 scents and each are inspired by the most defining eras in British history. Each bottle is has the most gorgeous limited edition design so I had no doubt the scents were going to match.

Pomegranate Nior
This is probably one of Jo Malone’s more popular scents and it’s my most worn out of the collection. It’s very fruity but isn’t overly sweet thanks to the lily and pink pepper that balances it out. Although it’s coming into the cooler months I can see this being a great one Spring and Summer. It’s sweet whilst remaining sophisticated.

Tudor Rose & Amber
If you’re a fan of rose this one is for you. It’s very much a rose scent with some clove, ginger and amber in there for some extra spice. Although it’s floral from the roses I would say it’s more for a warm spicy scent.

Birch & Black Pepper
This is the one that was inspired by today’s society which I found really interesting. It’s described as ‘a surprising, sensual.. individual, audacious, stylish’ scent but it’s just a really unique spicy scent. It’s spicy from the black pepper, cardamom and smokey birch but then there is just a little bit of warmth to it. This would be perfect if you don’t like typical sweet and floral scents!

Geranium & Verbena
Floral and fresh is how I would describe this scent and I really like this one too (Isaac hates it lol). It reminds me of the typical scents I wear in the summer but a more sophisticated version- exactly what I expect from Jo Malone. It has geranium and verbena blended with basil, coumarin and vetiver. It’s clean, floral and fresh.

Lily of the Valley & Ivy
Probably the least favourite of mine from the collection and I’m not really sure why. It’s again a floral but I can’t put my finger on what makes me not like the overall scent. It’s cassis, green ivy and then the lily balancing it out. Not a favourite but an interesting scent. jo-malone-limited-edition-scents-1

Each scent is stunning in it’s own way and although I obviously have my favourites I cannot recommend checking out these scents enough. This is my first experience with Jo Malone and I can definitely see why it’s such a popular brand because each scent is completely unique to anything else I’ve tried.

The collection IS limited edition and available from Jo Malone here 

Have you tried Jo Malone before? What were your thoughts?

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      I love wearing Pomegranate Noir! I have to say they are fairly potent (I learnt that the hard way), one spray and you’re good for the whole day :) x

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