Most of us who are fairly big booby department wouldn’t even dream of going braless in order to wear that gorgeous backless dress. Am I right? Well ladies I’ve discovered a product I just had to share with you – trust me you’ll be wearing that backless dress in no time.

Six months ago I was looking for a dress for a wedding and I swear everything was backless. I spent a good month visiting my local boutiques where the shop assistants would pull out stunning dresses for me and I refused to even try them on. Why? Because I didn’t want to fall in love with a backless only to be struck down by the reality that I just couldn’t get away with chicken fillets or free balling without scaring everyone in attendance. But seriously though I didn’t have the confidence and I didn’t think that backless dresses were even a possibility for me.

It came to the week before the wedding and I was in panic mode. I caved and tried on a backless dress and I knew it had to be mine. I bought it with the attitude ‘I’ll figure it out later’ so away I went slightly terrified as to what was to come. At first I certain that I would where some sort of cute bralet that would work but when I couldn’t find anything I panic called my bestie who suggest these bad boys. They’re called ‘The Magician’ from Bras N Things and they’ve changed my life. They’re adhesive uplift stickers you apply on dry skin then lift up and stick. I wore two on each breast because I felt like one wasn’t enough support and they worked a treat. I wore them all day and all evening without any worries. Removal was a little bit painful but I’d recommend having some baby oil on hand to help loosen the stick.

No longer am I left wondering how that girl over there has managed here boobys in that dress or am I concerned about finding dresses that I can’t wear a bra with. I’m relishing in this new found confidence. Honestly ladies I wish I could buy a pack from every big-boobed lady in the land and send them to you. I’m a E cup and although I’m unsure how effective they’d be for anyone larger I’d still recommend trying them. For $10 it’s worth a shot right?

Available from Bras N Things for $9.99  

Have you tried anything similar?

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    I haven’t tried that brand yet, but I adore the Braza reveal bra. It comes with 5 pairs of the sticky bras, and fashion tape to help hold seams in place too. I’ll have to give this brand a go when I run out of the others though!

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    I’m an E cup & I wouldn’t have looked at anything backless either. I’m unlikely to wear anything backless, off the shoulder maybe. If they’re adhesive, does that mean they’re only good for one use? I wouldn’t want to go to a fancy event, slip off for a bit of fun then be unable to go back to the party because my melons are at my knees.

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    I don’t think I’ve ever worn a backless dress or gone anywhere (aside from bed) braless. I might have to check these out and see how I like them. The only thing that makes me hesitant is the removal… oucchhhh! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

  7. 13

    Oh you’re a lifesaver – I’ve always wondered about these sort of things, but never tried because the only people to rave about them were girls with a C and under. As a fellow E cup, I’m so grateful that you gave these a go – I might need to grab a pack next time I go past Bras N Things. It would be nice to be able to wear dresses and not have to worry so much about coverage!

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      I was the same. My friends we are B cups would rave about chicken fillets and I was always like girl those things do nothing for me lol! x

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    where they’ve just spent 15 years studying the breasts of over 330 French women
    (as you do). The conclusion? That wearing a bra does not prevent sagging or
    ease back pain as commonly thought. “Medically, physiologically,
    anatomically – breasts gain yes there benefit going braless Jean-Denis
    Bouillon, from the University of Besancon. “On the contrary, they get your
    bears soggier wearing a bra.”
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    improvement: “their nipples nature of his study. “Tissue and over time,
    wearing a bra every day Makes BREAST sagging.”

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    Thanks so much for sharing this!
    I went to my local Bras n Things earlier today looking for these but the sales assistant said that it looks like they are getting discontinued because everyone has been complaining about how hard they are to remove. Such a shame because I would have loved to have tried them. Girls like us need something more sticky anyways in order for it to hold up those E cups.
    There must be somewhere where they still stock these bad boys right?

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      That makes me sooo unhappy! I’m definitely going to go stock up if I can find them. I definitely think they need to be as sticky as they are because otherwise they don’t hold which has been my problem in the past… I think the people complaining haven’t read the instructions because it clearly says that they are hard to remove and to use water or an oil to help – typical! Definitely going to have to find another brand that does them! I’ll let you know if I do!!! xxx

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    I love this post thanks so much for sharing it! Our options are often so limited but this is so great to know. I will be trying this one out (I even have an engagement party to attend to this weekend so maybe a good place to start). Kate, Wondrous

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    My sister was just lamenting the same thing the other day! I’m sending her a link. Two, you say, I’ll let her know. And should an occasion come up where my boobs need to be unrestrained I’ll keep it in mind!

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