It is me.

Sarah. Not Adele.

And I have been a rubbish friend lately.

You see I don’t mean to be so flakey or distant but I have been and I am sorry.

I barely pick up my phone let alone send you a compromising snapchat of me nude in bed because I have a weird thing happening to my belly post accidental gluten consumption.


Well, my world has been a little grey over the past 6 months and my phone isn’t just a phone. It is a technological portal to work. I am constantly online and as soon as my finger unlocks my phone with that fancy fingerprint ID (I am STILL impressed with at every unlock) I am transported to work mode. Some people think it’s just a leisurely addiction to social media but my brain doesn’t work that way. It works more like:

How did that post perform? What time did I post it? Did anyone save it? Who swiped up to read the actual blog post? I’ll just reply to these few comments. Maybe I’ll scroll and support other bloggers. Hang on, didn’t they tweet something fun earlier? I’ll pop over to Twitter. Oh and a new fancy blog post from Lily Pebbles lets read that. Fuck I forgot to invoice that brand!! I’ll jump on my computer and quickly do that. 32 new emails! Anything cool? Anything urgent?

It’s the gateway to the floodgates of my online biz.

So when I get the chance I want to switch off. I want to leave my phone in the other room on silent. I want to spend time with people and hear real voices, touch real people (in a friendly pat on the back way, not in a creeper way) and be present.  After a huge day of answering emails, comments, writing posts and just being an all round 10/10 social butterfly online the last thing I feel like doing in sending a text or making small talk.

Honestly, I feel like I am having a mojito on a private island every time my phone isn’t with me.

And there are friendships that have been neglected because my mind craves that mojito moment more when I’m struggling. It is sad. Selfish almost? Maybe even a little self-indulgent?

But I need that.

Hell, if you text me outside of ‘work’ hours you will probably not get a response because I’m too busy watching MAF’s and talking Noons ear off after a day of tapping away at the keyboard and scrolling.

Call me.

Visit me.


What I’m wearing: Nightshadow Boxy Shirt (size 8, gifted) | Bettina Liano Jeans (gifted, size 10) | Asos Sunglasses (not current) | Brixton Baker Boy | Mollini Boots (not current) 


Have you ever felt like you just can’t respond to texts? How do you separate work and play?

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