It is that time again because I’ve really been smashing through the books. Admittedly February has been quieter for reading because of a hectic schedule but I’m hoping that towards the end of the month it will pick back up for me.


For previous books read have a peep here.


This book follows the Belle Gibson story and how it all unfolded. For those who don’t know; Belle Gibson lied about having brain cancer, published a book, created an app and had over 200k followers on Instagram claiming to have healed herself with food. The journalists that have put this together have really looked at it from every angle and I appreciate that.

My only gripe was the way it shat all over other health bloggers. I didn’t buy this book to read about Pete Evans. Plus there are multiple people who are dragged through the mud (almost) but haven’t done anything wrong and they are people I love in the industry. I get bringing awareness to the dangers of taking a bloggers word for gospel but at times I found it condescending.

Regardless of that, I loved and devoured this book because it was unbelievable some of the length Belle went to hide her story.



Emma Gannon is someone I love in the blogging world and I have been a long time follower of her podcast so reading this book has been on my list of ‘to read’ for a very long time. The book follows how Emma grew up with the internet and how the online world affects different aspects of feminism, sexuality, friendship and work life.

This is one of those books that is very chilled out, could-read-in-a-day and is very relatable. You can tell a blogger wrote it and I love that – especially because I have a prior connection to Emma’s voice online. Very enjoyable and an easy Sunday read that’ll leave you going ‘OMG I REMEMBER THAT’ cringing. It wasn’t a groundbreaking book but the nostalgia makes it worth the read.



My gal Tonile recommended this book and I am so glad I picked it up. This book is a very honest memoir about food, weight, self-image and trauma. At times throughout the words were jarring and I wasn’t sure I wanted to read on. The rawness and heartbreaking words made me almost stop reading. It is so honest and brave everything that Roxane has written about her struggles and I liked the way she used her own experiences to explore the bigger cultural issues surrounding weight.

It is one of those reads I feel every woman will benefit from reading.


I was recommended this one by Rachel from Rachel Beauty Style and it didn’t disappoint. It is a novel that follows super-rich families with all the gossip, drama and scheming that goes one. The plot is fairly simple following a couple, Rachel and Nicholas, that travel to Nicholas’s home for the summer. Although I found it really fun and always wanted to read more I really wish that Kevin Kwan had of included a family tree right at the beginning of the book. There are so many dramatic characters that you swap between it can be confusing – especially within the first half of the book. Overall it is a hilarious read once you get to know the characters and I have already ordered the next two so I can continue on with the series.




What books have you read lately?


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