When I first started blogging it was really a big industry like it is now so ya know, things have changed. Here are some things I think are huge misconceptions about blogging.


1.You never pay for anything
In fact, you don’t pay for a single thing, not even your kitchen sink. I mean how amazing is that? WRONG BUDDY. My outgoings for this space is more than what I would be gifted each month and even so brands look for different niches. I am a vegan. A steakhouse isn’t going to work with me, neither are cruelty-free brands and that is okay. I buy a lot to review too people. Always remember that!


2.And you make a lot of money
HA. Cool joke sistas. I spend half my time on my emails trying to get brands to actually pay me and about 90% of the time they say no. It is a sad reality of this gig. A vast majority of brands just don’t value your time or work and would like you to contribute your time, energy, expertise and creativity free of charge to help build up their brand. Cheerz babe.

3.Blogging = confidence and no blogger ever has self-doubt
I am confident yes but do I doubt myself every hour of every day? Hell yeah. When you’re a blogger you call every single shot and hell that is alot of pressure. You create what you put out there so if you do/say/feel something that is even a little negative there are times where you spend hours thinking about it. It’s like battling your inner demons constantly. SO charming huh?


4.You have to know and stick to one niche always
I was a beauty blogger and now I would say I share my life online and people dig it. Fashion based yes? But if I wanna talk about food or sport I do. One niche is boring for me and since switching things up my engagement has doubled.


5.All you do is fluff around taking photos all day erryday
LOL GUYS ALL I DO IS FLUFF AND TAKE PHOTOS. I spend 10% of my time taking photos. True fact. Accounting, emails, PR, social media, writing, editing, website design and maintenance just to name a few babes….

6.You get paid a fuck tonne by everyone featured on your blog and Instagram
I would say 5% of people who I feature pay me? Why? For reasons mentioned above and because if I like something, I’ve found I will defs share it with all of you.


7.It is ridiculously easy
LOL. Next. 

8.You instantly work with brands you love
See ya in five years and then we’ll talk!

9.To be successful as a blogger you must attend events, only have blogger friends and travel lots.
I live in Bendigo and barely make it to events. Furthermore, I have a few blogging friends but I find it tricky to make friends in the industry. Is that just me?


10.We all live in incredible house with bright, airy decor
My carpet is old it has holes everywhere, my couch we got given by a family friend and our counters are vom green colour. It’s awful. We have made this place our own in some rooms but not in others and we are totally fine with that. We are renting and nothing is permanent.


What I’m wearing: Boohoo Kimono (gifted, size S/M) | Cotton On Slip Dress (size M) | Brogan Kate Bralette (not current) | Brixton Baker Boy | Le Specs Sunglasses


Can you think of any others?

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