I’m not trying to be sassy when I say alot of ‘normal’ people who don’t share their life online think that being a blogger is super easy. That it is all prancing around, taking photos and swanning in all you free shit. But let me tell y’all it really isn’t.


Recently at an event I was asked a question I answered so badly. When I asked Noons how I went and if he had any feedback, which was really just me wanting him to shower me with compliments because DERRRR, he said I didn’t answer the said question well. Boo Noons.

The question was ‘what is a typical day like for you?’

And I answered with something like I do a lot of writing, emails, admin, always have a lunch break and everything in blissful and cruisey. But I left out a lot of the shit I actually do. Noons reminded me of how hard I actually work and I was a bit sad on reflection I didn’t protray that.

Let’s start at the beginning of the day because that is logical AF.


My roll call at the moment is 6am. 6-a-freaking-m because I am so busy juggling two jobs and actually trying to maintain a social life. I am a morning person so it’s not all bad BUT still, getting your brain working at that time of the morning is freaking chaos. Noons brings me my laptop and a tea (#BLESSED) and I spend 1-2 hours writing from bed. I stop writing when I get hungry OR I have to get ready for my day job.


Moving swiftly on and when I get dressed it’s an ordeal and a half. I am jealous of all you normal bitches who just get to throw together your fave outfit you wear all the time. I don’t just get dressed. I don’t just throw together outfits and get on with my day. This is where my brain kicks into overdrive like I’m in my final VCE maths exam.

What am I going to post today? Is it going to be an outfit? If so, can I shoot with Isaac or is it going to be self-shot? Do I have anything new that needs to be posted ASAP? It all runs through my mind. Does this suit me? How do I style this to make it more me?

This is where sometimes I get a bit frustrated or caught in the frustrated land like I say, because when brands won’t pay me to promote their product (whether it is clothing or another product and/or service) it really doesn’t help when I spend every waking hour thinking about this stuff. I digress. That my friends is a story for another day.


Say I’m dressed with the intention to shoot the outfit that day 9 times out of 10 the ambitious Sarze that I am will try to shoot it by myself before my day job. I hardly ever get the shot and end up rushing around like a crazy lady because it makes me late for work but A for effort guys!

Now let’s pretend that I am working from home on this said day and as previously mentioned this is the point where I DO spend a few hours continuing with writing, setting up blog posts, replying to emails and doing admin. I will do that before I given myself a lunch break. SEE I WASN’T LYING. I might have phone meetings, have to do product shots or flatlays, send invoices or spend a good hour trawling online stores for the best fashun finds for you lot.

Most days I step away from my computer at about 3:30pm because I start prepping for shooting. This is where I spend some time trying on different outfit combinations, steaming and scrolling through Insta for inspiration for shooting. This feels like the biggest ‘time waster’ but having myself organised REALLY helps fasten up shoot time… It’s like that saying ‘do something now your future self will thank you for’ PREP IS ERRYTHIN’

Once Noons is home we most likely have a snack because FOOD IS LIFE and then head out to shoot. Sometimes we will just shoot one outfit but if I have a busy week we will batch shoot 3-4 outfits. Most of you guys will know Sunday’s used to be our shoot days but it meant we were working 7 days a week and not having any time for us or a social life. Now we try to work longer days during the week so we aren’t working weekends as much. Depending on the number of outfits this can take anywhere form halfa to 3 hours.


That brings is up to about 6-7pm where I’ll try to do my photo selects, weed out the duds, and then edit all the pictures whilst somehow squeezing in ya usual evening things like cooking dinner and being a domestic goddess. I then upload a snap to Insta at about 8pm and spend the next hour engaging with all of you, probs my fave part of the day, and after 9pm I turn my phone onto ‘do not disturb’.

So from 6am-9pm I am fucking ON. From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, I am consumed with what I’m wearing that day or what to do on stories and with being kind of known as a fashion blogger, it adds that external pressure to look the part at every outing.


This isn’t me throwing shade or complaining about what I do but more about sharing a little behind the scenes and answering that goddamn question with a little more beef.


What I’m wearing: Baker boy hat (size M, I have a big head FYI) | Asos Sunglasses (not current, similar here) | Imonni Ayla Metallic Chiffon Dress (gifted, size 10) |Embroidery Boots (not current)


Have you ever answered a question so badly you think about it for dayzzz? YEAH ME TOO.

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