Did you see my Insta story this morning? Yep this gal is frazzled AF and onto my second month of complete writers block.


At first I thought it was just the move. We were so busy for so long and I definitely took a chunk of time out to settle in but then week after week I tried to sit down and write.





Instead of panicking I thought to myself ‘GURL give yourself a break you just moved across the country’ and let go of the pressure to write…. But now two months later I’m feeling hella antsy. Have I forgotten how to write meaningful things? Is my life as a writer over?  WHY YOU DO THIS UNIVERSE? All I want to do is crack on with it, get the flow going and be able to release content consistently. Is that too much to ask? *eyerolls like a moody teen whose Mum just said no to handing over $50 for ‘shopping’ cuz lol she knows it’s for dem pineapple cruisers*


So as you can probably tell I am 100% not dealing with the total fuzzy brain that is not allowing me to write a single thing. I’ve had ideas! So many cool ideas that have made me feel like this is it. THE ONE. I’ve fucking made it. Snaps for Sarze. That is something hey? But lol jks every time I try to flesh them out I end up backspacing errything, closing my screen and eating hummus from the kilo tub on the verge of tears (has happened more than once lol lol lol). Ya know your typical human dealing very well.


Part of the problem is me. Hello this now sounds like an AA meeting but hear me out. You see I know I can write. I know I am good at telling a story. Maybe not so fabulous at grammar but I get the creative writing thing. I always have. Some people are naturally gifted at working out percentages at a sale (SO JEAL) but my gift is banging out a recount of Simba doing a poop and making it sound beautiful and interesting. Don’t be jealous ok?


Recently I’ve had a few articles get reshared a bunch (amaze, thanks legends) but with that comes this intense pressure of what comes next. It’s the same sorta pressure that I am certain a footy player would feel when the siren rings but they’re about to line up for a goal. If you score and get it right then you’ll be a deadset legend amongst the masses but if you miss you become that forgotten loser that missed the goal and everyone will be able to quote the exact game, year and time it took place for years to come.


I’m being v dramatic. I know.


But when people are constantly showering you with compliments and things are going well for you there is a pressure to continue being a 10/10. Your ego thanks the peeps throwing compliments your way with grace but your brain starts screaming HOLY FUCK WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NEXT over and over until you end up here. Completely fucking lost.


SOOO yeah, happy Tuesday lol. This is where I’m at. Wbu?



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