As we are well and truly into the swing of summer my style has had a shakeup. I’m more worried about the chub at the top of my thighs because chaff sucks. I think about my boobs being the appropriate amount ‘on show’ (ie. appropriate as in I feel comfy) and how  I can avoid not getting into a bikini because I can’t be bothered with taming my lady garden to that extent on the reg. Shit gets real. My mind goes into overdrive. I hate being hot but I hate feeling hot in my clothes. Temp wise.


So with keeping all those things in my mind finding my personal style for the warmer months can be a little tricky. I don’t have something I would label my ‘uniform’ yet but I am playing around with a few things with the hope I will find things that I feel confident wearing.


You guys know I’m a hat gal. I love hats. I wear a hat pretty much every single day. I feel confident, sassy and like me when I have a fedora on the back of my head. It’s an easy way to hide dirty hair and also make a basic outfit a bit spesh. For the summer I am planning to swap out my fedoras for some boater or straw hats and play around with my usual everyday uniform to make things a little more season appropriate. You guys may have noticed over on Instagram I have become next level addicted to earrings for jazzing up outfits. There are so many amazing finds out there and they add a fun element to your style without it being a physical layer on your back.


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I have an overflowing inspo folder on Insta for just summer style. I save photos from mega bloggers and from my friends that are total babes and have it going on. It doesn’t even have to mean anything. What I mean by that is you don’t have to go buy every item like the ones you’ve saved but it does help identify some things you may be into. I just like looking through and getting a feel for layering ideas or even just colours I may want to try on!


In winter I love hats and layers. On repeat. Everyday. I’m obviously able to still wear hats (yay!) however the layering thing can be a little trickier now it’s super hot. I’m trying to think of ways to layer like the above outfit that will still be cool enough for everyday. Now I know when it’s like 40 degrees that may not be a viable option but I think it’s important to stick with some elements that make you feel best and me that is layering.


One of the ace things that comes from shooting so many outfits is the reflection element. I can look over an outfit and be like damn girl you look good or maybe I should try that out this way. It’s been a really helpful process. I know not everyone is going to want to take photos and share them online but even if you snap a photo of every outfit you wear for a week then go back through them and do the same thing. It really helps trust me! I’ve even started taking photos when I buy something new and I’m trying it on with existing things in my wardrobe. It makes you consciously think do I love it etc etc.


What I’m wearing: Aya Zip Denim Overalls (size 8, gifted) | Oh Yes Tee | Pink Triple Tassel Earrings (gifted) | Round Pink Sunglasses | Cotton On Body Cap (not current) | Agonis Canvase Shoe (gifted)

Do you feel more confident in summer or winter with your style?


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  1. 1

    I’m much more confident with my summer style than my winter style. I don’t feel like I’ve nailed the layered look yet & I’m still without a winter dress, whereas with summer I have many dresses to choose from + several skirts to choose from to pair with either a tee or a tank (although my tank collection needs a bit of attention). I also feel more comfortable in summer clothes too as I’m not having to throw so many layers on, plus I love the season in general. I guess that helps!

    In the last year or so I’ve started taking changeroom selfies if I’m trying something on but can’t afford to buy it at that time, or I’m just plain unsure about it. It helps me remember what stuff looks like on me as well.

    Shell // The Novice Life

  2. 2

    Winter. I will without fail always over dress for Summer and be hot. I’ve been trying out midi & maxi skirts so far. But I still just love wearing my jeans…so. I hate having my legs out in shorts because they are so white and boney! AND yes, having to shave everything all the time is frigen annoying and the other day I didn’t realise it was so hot because id been inside all day and I couldn’t take my cardigan off because…hairy pits. lol. I was so irritated that day! But I’m trying to become more comfortable with dressing for warmer weather.

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  4. 4

    I looove summer so much more than winter, both in terms of style and just in general because summer is amazing. But then again I’m way more comfortable in skirts and dresses so summer dressing is pretty easy for me. Last summer I discovered smock dresses and I still think they’re the best thing ever because they’re so floaty and loose and are perfect for really hot days when you don’t want anything touching you.

  5. 5
  6. 6

    I love the layering with the denim dress! I feel like you just cannot go wrong with a mini dress layed over a tee with sneakers. Amazing look.

    Taylor |

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