Last week on our Facebook page I asked what foundations you would like to see reviewed and although a few of you were super keen on seeing the new L’oreal foundation reviewed I haven’t see it in store yet. A new foundation that has created a lot of buzz and certainly stolen my heart is the Clarins Everlasting Foundation so I thought I’d pop this one up for now. L’oreal foundation review coming soon promise!

Not only does the Clarins Everlasting Foundation promise 15 hour wear time it also promises luminosity and hydration. The lightweight texture is designed for ultimate comfort throughout the day and that is really important to me with a foundation. I want the coverage but without the cakey feel of product on the skin. It also has an SPF15. It’s suitable for oily skins, has enough coverage to hide minor flaws with a matte finish.


The first thing I want to talk about is the texture of this foundation. It’s a liquid foundation with a very pigmented formulation meaning you only need half a pump to cover your whole face. Once you begin blending it blends in like a dream and before you know it’s melted into the skin – almost undetectable (please remember I have a huge window and lightning on for these photos so you’re going to see EVERY flaw). I would say upon one layer you’re only going to get a lighter medium coverage which, for me, is ideal for everyday work however it can be built up to a really great medium coverage easily. It doesn’t feel heavy, cakey or mask-like on the skin and it gives you a little bit of radiance. I do powder because I do have oily skin however I really enjoy the initial radiant look it gives even after powdering. My preferred method is a buffing brush like the Real Techniques one pictured however your fingers does an equally as good of a good. It’s also a really great foundation for mixing with moisturisers for a lighter coverage again.


Another 4.5 hours on and you can see that I’ve become a little oily right next to my nose and chin area but overall it’s looking fairly good. In these photos you’ll notice a bit of caking around my blemishes on my skin and that is unavoidable with any foundation on my blemishes as they heal so don’t let that put you off this foundation. You’ll also notice that on my cheek I have a thin scar that’s very visible – I do not apply foundation on this as it’s still healing/fading and the my specialist advised no liquid make up over it for now. Generally I wouldn’t touch up my foundation if it looked like this during the day. If I’m honest the lighting I have for the photos does dramatise the oiliness and when I looked in the mirror I didn’t even noticed the shine.


8 hours application and I actually adore how the foundation looks on my skin. It’s radiant because my natural oils have come through and the coverage has lasted well throughout the day. This is one of the best foundation I own in terms of the light texture but awesome coverage and wear. During a typical day I would probably touch up now to get me through the night if I’m out and it literally touches up like a dream with no caking at all!

If you can’t already tell this foundation is a firm favourite of mine overtaking my Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation by a mile just before of the texture and longevity. I find the LM one doesn’t wear as well on my skin and when touched up it can become cakey whereas this offering fills those gaps making an awesome alternative. I wear this everyday whether it’s just a light layer, mixed with foundation or built up for a better coverage.

I would recommend the Clarins Everlasting Foundation for anyone who is looking for a decent coverage foundation that feels light on the skin but will last like a dream throughout the day. If you usually do have to touch up for the day then this one is an awesome option and for all you oily girls I think you would enjoy this one especially! The only negatives is the limited shade change (come on Clarins release more shades!!) but apart from that I really can’t fault this foundation and highly recommend y’all checking it out!

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Have you tried this foundation? What were your thoughts? Do you have any product recommendations from Clarins?

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      Thanks Tal I love it! Oh I know, I’ve seen bloggers do that (very badly) before but I don’t see the point! My skin isn’t perfect and that’s okay because everyone has some flaws :) xxx

  2. 3

    This is such a great, thorough review! This foundation has definitely been added to my to-try list now :) I’m always on the lookout for one that’ll sit nicely on my annoyingly oily skin!

    Amy | Lilac Lemon

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    Wow Sarah! You can barely tell that it’s been 8 hours after, it still looks fresh and like how you first applied it! And pfftt what flaw I couldn’t even see any! After you mentioned your scar, I had to squint at the photos until I could see it haha! I’m really impressed with how this foundation looks, especially the subtle radiance that it has.
    Would this be appropriate for dry skin too?

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    • 8

      Haha well that’s good you didn’t notice the scar! I feel like it’s all I see :P

      It did cling a little to my stoopid blemishes that are SUPER dry but apart from that I haven’t had any problems. Maybe try getting a sample from the counter? xx

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    This foundation looks beautiful on you. I haven’t heard much about it before now though I had seen in store. I might see about getting a sample xx

  11. 21
  12. 23

    Okay, you’ve convinced me. I’m buying this! I’m such a junkie when it comes to foundations haha. I love trying new ones! This one sounds awesome and I have oily/combo skin too so I’m excited to hear it works for that!

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    Hi Sarah, could you tell me what colour you are in this and in your Silk Creme Foundation? I’m trying to colour match myself as I don’t have a Clarins counter nearby. I’m Bamboo Beige in the Creme Silk Foundation. Thank You

    • 29

      Hi Nikky! Sorry about the delayed response. I’m not with the foundation at the moment however I’m 95% sure I wear the shade Nude (I’ll update later this arvo if incorrect) in the Clarins and then in Silk Creme I wear ‘Cream Ivory’… I hope that helps. I always call on this foundation matrix when buying online (and it hasn’t failed me yet!). Just punch in the foundation your currently wearing and it’ll match up what shade you’ll be in the Clarins. Definitely worth bookmarking! xxx

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