When I heard that Covergirl had released a new foundation called the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation I admit I rolled my eyes. The packaging and me just aren’t my favourite but when everyone started raving about how amazing the product is I couldn’t resist trying it out and putting together a review for you!


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So the details are it’s an oil-free formulation designed to provide a medium, flawless coverage whilst still remaining natural. It claims to be long lasting having an ‘built-in powder system’ that helps keep your face matte throughout the day. Now this all sounded a little scary to me because it’s winter and I have dry patches around my eyes and nose but here is how it goes throughout an 8 hour day.


When initially applied it’s crazy how quick the foundation sets up on the skin! Every time I apply it I’m always shocked which is strange because I’ve never tried a foundation like it. It does give a really good medium coverage but I don’t find it too much for everyday. As you can see around my chin where I have discolouration for breakouts some of it is still visible which is what I like for everyday wear. My initial fear of the product clinging to dry patches didn’t seem to be an issue and it feels very light when blended into the skin. The colour match is pretty spot on for me however the colour range overall is disappointing with only 6 shades available. I didn’t set this with a powder, a HUGE deal for me being a combo/oily gal, but the finish once it’s set is so matte I didn’t feel I needed to powder on top.



Four hours in and can you believe how great it’s looking without any sort of powder? It’s insane! As you can see I have lost a bit of coverage around my nose but I’ve been blowing it all day due to having a cold. I would say the foundation look pretty much identical to when first applied which is crazy for someone like me with combination/oily skin. There isn’t much else to say at this point apart from gushing at how amazing it looks!


After a total of seven and half hours this is how my make up is looking. I spent today shooting outfit photos and then in the office all day with the heating pumping which usually leads to me being an oily mess so this is impressive. Obviously there is some shine visible through the T-Zone area which is my usual area of oil but overall it’s looking pretty good right?! As I said before I’ve lost coverage around my nose due to my cold but that’s not something I typically have happening so usually it wouldn’t be an issue. I noticed throughout the day around my chin blemishes there was some caking but I find with most matte foundation that happens throughout the day regardless.


Overall the verdict is fairly positive for combination/oily skinned girls and definitely one of the best cheaper foundations I’ve tried so far this year. It’s mattifying, long-lasting without a powder, great coverage and feels lightweight on the skin. I have been opting for the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation over my other foundations for everyday just because of that amazing longevity and low maintenance wear – so worth checking out if you haven’t already.

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Have you tried this foundation? What were your thoughts?

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  2. 3

    Wowowwww, for no powder that oil control is amazing! I keep meaning to try Covergirl foundations (their Outlast one has so many raves too) but I just never get around to it. I really should though, this one is so affordable too!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. 5

    I have the concealer and I’m very impressed with it as well. There are barely any shades which is very disappointing and why I can’t get the foundation. I find that the concealer is a tad dry, which is great for the summer but not so great for winter. I apply a little highlighter though to counteract the dry looking skin and give it some dew!

    Nabihah | The Sunday Wardrobe

    • 6

      I haven’t tried the concealer as I have the medium shade which is a little too dark for me… I’ll have to wait until I’m fake tanned again :) xx

  4. 7
    • 8

      Thanks Bonnie! They’re some of my most popular posts so I’m glad to hear they’re helpful as well as popular… If that makes sense :P

  5. 9
    • 10

      Thanks Ellie! Ah such a shame it’s not available over there… Maybe it’ll come over in the next few months as this was a winter release for us? :)

  6. 11

    I absolutely love this stuff! It’s pretty much what I wear to work everyday now!!! It looks really pretty with an illuminating primer too if you didn’t want a purely matte finish. So glad you like it too!

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

    • 12

      So glad you enjoy it as well Sarah! It’s taken over my Clarins foundation for everyday as well – so much lighter on the skin :) will have to try it with an illuminating primer!!!

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    glad to hear this worked so well for you even without setting it with a powder! i never skip powder cause my skin is so oily but i suppose if you don’t use powder to begin with and then touch up with powder later in the day it might work better as there’s only one layer instead of two? anyway i think the shade range may not work out for me but i’ve heard a lot of good things about this foundation so i’m curious!

    jessica –

    • 16

      The shade range is definitely a HUGE let down for the line… Six shades?! Stupid. I definitely think powdering throughout the day would work :) I hope you can find your shade Jess xx

  9. 17

    I bought this the other day lovely and this post has made me love it even more than I already do haha! Is there a particular reason why you’re not a fan of the packaging? I’m intrigued to know why lol xx

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    It does look pretty great as it wears! I actually like the little bit of shine that goes through. Will probably skip it, as I’m more of a dry skin gal but it looks pretty positive! The packaging reminds me of old school squeezy foundations lol

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

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