I tweeted about doing this post and I was apprehensive. Mainly because I don’t think anyone should be defined by the number on the scales. I didn’t want this post to be ‘oh hey look at me and how much weight I’ve lost’ because it’s a number and really it doesn’t matter – what matters is how you feel.


Going back 18 months ago I really wasn’t happy within myself and as a new years resolution, and after getting engaged at the end of 2015, I joined a gym. The whole focus was feeling better about myself. I wanted to gain my self-confidence back and feel good for when we eventually got married. I just wanted my confidence back! When I had my consultation at the gym where they make your plan up I actually said that I didn’t want to loose any weight but mainly I wanted to improve my fitness. I don’t want to say I wasn’t telling the truth because I did really want that but I think I was cautious about making loosing weight a focus incase it didn’t happen – I didn’t want to put a number on it. Now I’m looking back it was a great decision for me personally because there was no number goal and it meant I didn’t give up in those first few months.


I guess I’ll get numbers out of the way and my starting weight was 75kg and for my height that’s not too bad. If you’re a long time follower I’ve struggled with a reoccuring disease that has hindered doing any exercise over the past 5 years because I’ve always been scared. Over that time I’ve managed to maintain 75-77kg without restricting my diet or doing any exercise at all. My weight currently as I write this is 61.5kg. I should also point out although I didn’t think of myself as ‘fat’ or ‘overweight’ in the slightest I was bigger for ME and when I started on this health kick in February 2016 in terms of exercise I did start from the bottom (diet wise I was ok but still needed some changes to be made). I remember my first consultation at the gym and I left crying because I couldn’t do simple things that the trainer was asking me to do. I’m young but didn’t have any athletic ability at all and it was fucking tough but if you’re there – trust me it does get better with time you just have to accept that it’s going to be a tough couple of months.

After joining the gym and doing things on my own for a bit I was feeling good but I wanted to feel better. Alot of you will know that I’ve had ALOT of tummy issues in the past. I’m lactose intolerant and also don’t react very well to gluten whilst also being vegetarian. I’d never had any of my intolerances sorted out by a professional so I decided to see a nutritionist in about June of 2016 to see if I was on track. This was a game-changer for me because it helped me get all that sorted and also guide me with foods I should/shouldn’t be consuming. I’m a huge planner and I love sticking to a routine so this really helped me and motivated me to eat better than ever.

So whilst seeing Pip (my nutritionists name is Pip)  it meant Isaac and I were eating differently and one of the biggest lifestyle changes we made probably the middle of 2016 was Isaac and I started to cook our dinners seperately. This was a huge move for us because our evenings revolved around cooking together and it was a part of the day I really enjoyed. It was hard, especially because I’m not an overly great cook, but it’s worked because I’ve always had a meal plan to stick too. I’ve never been obsessive about food though, I’ve had treats over the weekends and never said no too a glass of wine BUT in the past month I’ve stepped it up a notch and am being a little more selective with the lead up to the wedding.

The food side of things I don’t have too much too say because we ate really well before I started to go the gym or see Pip and it honestly wasn’t a HUGE change for me. I didn’t find it hard or challenging because essentially I’m eating the same but just less legumes and soy based naughty treats to help me slim down.


I’ve finally found my jam when it comes to exercise! Even when I joined the gym I thought I’d go 2-3 times a week and slog through it hating every moment. It has been a long road because at the start I didn’t have the confidence to go into the weight section or run on the treadmill. When you first start going I think it’s important to just get there even if you sit on an exercise bike. Just go! When I first started I was doing the plan the trainer gave me in my consultation and I really didn’t love it because it included skipping and a few other things that just didn’t tickle my fancy so slowly I started to make my own routines. It’s important to realise you won’t start off being able to do 137298374938 sit ups or whatever – just go and do a few things until you build up your confidence.

Finding the time of day that works for you is so important too! I was going first thing in the morning however it’s more most productive time of day work wise so I switched to mid-afternoon and it seems to be working so much better. Don’t feel like you have to workout when someone tells you too – work it around your lifestyle.

What started as 2-3 times a week has grown into trying to get there everyday however most weeks I even up going 5-6 times a week. I try to break down my body so a typical week will consistent of 3 core days, 2 arm days, 1 leg day but sometimes if the gym is flat out I’ll just do high intensity cardio. The gym I go too isn’t massive so when it’s busy it’s hard to find floor space. I also try to get out every morning for some fasted cardio so I’ll walk Simba for an hour. This doesn’t happen everyday but we both love getting out first thing so I do my best to get out and get it done.

I feel like once you started shedding some kilos and you feel the difference you almost become a little addicted. It’s that feeling of ‘fuck yeah all my hard work is actually doing something’. I never realised just how unhappy I was with my appearance until I lost my first 3 kilos and I started to actually look at myself in the mirror. It’s funny because as I said earlier I didn’t even set out to loose weight in, I just wanted to feel happy in myself again but as it slowly happened and my clothes started fitting differently it was a good feeling. I felt excited to buy clothes again and I actually liked the way things looked on.

As I said the biggest thing I can say to anyone who is starting the new year with the plan to get really in shape is don’t focus on the scales! Just please forget about the numbers and focus on how you feel. I had a huge plateau at 65.5kg and I sat there for 3 months – probably more! At first I was really fucking annoyed but then I was like my arms are looking more toned and I feel like my stomach is getting there – there are so many other ways to measure your progress! Even how far you’re running or how much you’re lifting at the gym! I only weighed myself once or twice a month and I never weigh myself when I’m on my period because that’s just silly.


Don’t let the scales rule your life.

If anyone is interested the scales I use are the Weight Watchers Body Balance Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale and these are really helpful because you can have an app on your phone. It tracks your body fat, muscle mass and a bunch of other things that are useful to know rather then just a standard weight measurement. I like having the ability to track it all from the app as well BUT if you can be obsessive it maybe best to install only on a device that you don’t have on you at all times! I do think it’s been helpful for me knowing my body fat has been reduced or my muscle mass has increased especially during plateaus.


Something I don’t think is spoken about enough is the emotional journey you go through when you’re changing your lifestyle. Letting go of slobbing out on the couch in your spare time and getting the motivation to get out can be really hard at times. It also can be so fucking hard when you’re working your ass off in the gym and you see little progress for weeks on end. It can make you feel angry, question why you’re doing it and be so hard on yourself. It’s just important to be determined even when you feel like giving up but on the flip side of that also allowing yourself to step back and have breaks when you feel burnt out – for your sanity and the people around you!

What I really struggled/struggling with also is the emotions I face/d seeing your body change. Sure it feels amazing it be so strong, fitter and leaner but with that I’ve gone from a size 12E to a 8-10C/D depending on the brand. It’s a huge change to go from massive boobs to more modest ones…. And trust me they aren’t the prettiest boobs now. It’s been hard to accept that change along with others. I would offer advice but I haven’t really felt like I’ve figured it out yet. Just know you will feel weird, sad but also excited and motivated all at once. It’s fucking confusing.

I’m not going to lie the numbers do slightly motivate me right now and I’d love to be under 60kg for the wedding. There is no real reason for that other than I’m so close and it’s an achievable goal for me. In saying that it’s less about the weight right now and more about the areas I’m still not comfortable with which is my mid-section. I just can’t seem to flatten out my stomach or sort out my bloating and it drives me crazy! I will say if I got married tomorrow with where I’m at now I’d be SO happy and I am ridiculously proud of myself.


One last thing I wanted to highlight is that although 13.5kg sounds like alot I’ve done this over 12 months and I’ve never done a 12 week body transformation challenge or whatever it maybe ‘fad’ wise. I think that in order for something to be sustainable it’s all about baby steps! I am also aware I’m standing slightly different in that mirror shot and the lighting isn’t amazing but it’s all I had ready to go. Please be kind because it’s a hard thing to share but hopefully you guys get something out of it. If you’d like to hear more about the type of foods, gym routines or anything like that I’d be happy to do more just let me know!


Have you guys ever made a change and been so shocked on where you go from it?


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  1. 1

    Sarah, this is absolutely incredible, amazing, and just straight up inspiring!! I got extremely sick at the end of 2015 and after being hospitalized for a bit I dropped some serious weight and was actually at a point where it probably got unhealthy. I made a goal in 2016 to be healthier but I kinda dropped the ball on that one and I definitely saw my weight climb up through the first half of the year. Towards the second half I just started to feel uncomfortable with my body and unhappy with how I felt physically – so I joined an exercise class and it’s been almost 4 months now and mannn do I feel just so much better. Unfortunately the weight hasn’t shifted for me, but I can see the physical changes (for the better) so that’s quite exciting!! I completely agree about just getting into the routine of going to the gym because that in itself is quite daunting – especially for anyone who doesn’t have the best relationship with the gym in general. I wish I had taken some before/after photos, but alas I didn’t. Someone said I should just start now so I may just do that!

    And I think any recipes/workouts/general inspiration posts would be perfect to read through :) Fingers crossed that this year is even better in terms of fitness and changes (body & mind) for ya! And that you’re able to reach your goal before the wedding ;)

    Cindy |

    • 2

      Yes definitely start taking them now! It’s amazing the difference you will noticed even if the weight doesn’t move. I probably wouldn’t have kept going if I didn’t have photos to compare my progress – honestly!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post and I will defs brainstorm some more ideas for future posts :)

  2. 3

    Sarah this is super inspiring (well done!) and I love how real you are about it. I am starting my own fitness journey currently after years and years of struggling and not accepting my body. I want to make a change and reading this has given me a big boost too. So far this year I have been working out 4 times a week and beginning to readjust my diet. Doing it slow is the key and I am already feeling better for it. Now it’s like why the fuck wasn’t I taking better care of myself before this! Keep on going girl, and I loved this post and would love to read more like this from you x

    • 4

      Thank you so much Cass! I never want to make anyone feel like this shit is unattainable.. I feel like so often we look WAY far ahead and it’s not realistic in the beginning. I’m so glad you got something out of this Cass. We are so on the same wave length – slow and steady is defs key xxx

  3. 5

    You’ve done so well! And I agree with the comment below, this post is really inspiring! I’m joining a new gym this month and can’t wait to get into the swing of things xx

  4. 7

    Love this Sarah! It really is amazing how much leading a healthy and active lifestyle can change you in every way! The best part about it is the emotional benefits in my opinion. It helps me deal with negative aspects of life so much better and not take things so personally. So happy for you. You should be very proud!

    Tahana <3

  5. 9

    So happy you wrote this personal post. You should definitely feel super proud and like an inspiration, not many people have the willpower to carry on and make such a positive change in their lives! You look absolutely beautiful ☺️

    Francisca |

  6. 11

    Thank you for your honesty! You look amazing, but too be honest you didn’t look over weight to start off with. You look more toned and I think that’s the best thing look to go for! Good luck with the rest of your journey, you look amazing xx

  7. 13

    Thank you for writing so sensitively about your fitness journey, Sarah! Congrats also on an amazing personal achievement.

    SSG xxx

  8. 15

    I’m really glad you wrote this! I love reading about people reaching goals and their journeys, I find it so inspiring! Congratulations on coming so far and achieving so much, it’s truly amazing, and you should definitely be super proud of yourself!!

    • 16

      Thanks Brodie! I am super proud… I get a bit teary about it sometimes because it’s been a hard, hard road for me mentally :)

  9. 17

    Girl! You’re looking absolutely amazing. Thanks for letting us in! This is a great post and I find it really inspiring because I want to try and become fitter this year. Similar to you really! Not wanting to lose weight, but just become a little stronger and feel better. Whatever else happens, that’s great too ahha! But not my main focus. Keep killin’ it x

    Katina Lindaa |

    • 18

      No worries gal. I’m glad I released it because I wasn’t going too haha! I’m so glad it’s been received well. Good luck becoming a fit bitch xoxo

  10. 19
  11. 21

    This was a great post to read. I’ve generally been around the same as your starting weight (I think, I can’t remember the last time I weighed myself) and in the past I’ve got down to mid-low 60s from memory and in recent years it’s crept back on. But I know I can be really mean to myself about it and the thing I’ve been focusing on for the last few years moreso than anything else is to stop myself from thinking bad things about my body. It’s definitely not perfect but for me it’s really important to try and accept myself as I am and not force myself to be anything else or make myself feel bad about the way I look because it’s a really negative place to be in and I decided I don’t want to do that anymore.

    If I decide I’m in a place where I’d like to address it and lose weight in the future (same kind of thing, 10-15kgs and I know my body would look its best) then I need that to come about naturally because I’ve tried (and have been forced to try) losing weight in the past in so many different ways and it only worked once and that was because I was ready to make that change for myself, but obviously like I said the weight came back on over the years.

    My point is that so many people post “thinspo” and “fitspo” stuff and I know a lot of people find it more de-motivating than anything else because of the way it’s being presented. Weight and body image is such an insanely sensitive, personal thing, especially with social media these days, I can’t imagine the effect it’s having on teenagers because it was bad enough when I was younger.

    But you wrote so honestly and kept mentioning that this is just what worked for you and that it’s different for everyone, and that’s so important because you weren’t being preachy or trying to make it look easy. It’s really refreshing to read something realistic and that you’re not afraid to admit that it was hard work and that it’s okay to not love waking up and hitting the gym, even though you’re in a place now where you do enjoy it.

    Anyway, congrats on coming so far and making so much progress! It doesn’t come without a lot of hard work and what you’ve done is a real accomplishment. And thanks for presenting it in such a thoughtful way because a lot of content about fitness isn’t like this, but it should be. :)

    • 22

      Thanks so much Jess!

      I really feel for the teens of today because it’s so in your face now and I don’t think I would be able to handle it. At my gym there are teens that come in and I’m like ‘god I was too busy socialising to come and run on the treadmill in a gym of sweaty adults’ it makes me a little sad.

      I was similar to you in that it starts with from within yourself. I had so many people around me trying to encourage me to do XYZ and I would for a little while but then it wasn’t really for ME. When you’re doing it for yourself and you’re doing it ‘right’ (healthily) then that’s what makes the difference.

      It makes me happy it came across like I wanted it too because I never wanted people to think this was easy or that it’s unattainable. I wanted to be real because I never had that when I started but I would’ve appreciated it xxx

  12. 23

    Well done Sarah! I am the most unfit person and going to the gym would be a huge embarrassment for me! I’ve told myself I will start running this year and I hope that I at least try. But my biggest struggle is exercising in front of other people and finding exercise just too hard. I try to laugh it off as if “oh well, haha i’ll just go and eat some cake, I don’t care about exercise”. But really that is not true. I wish that I could be fit and healthy but I find it so hard. This was a great and inspiring post!

    • 24

      God I was there. I cried at the gym the first time I went! I think finding a really quiet time to go helps… I always feel like a newb when I try new things so sometimes I even do the exercise at home in front of a mirror before going in so I feel less weird about it hahahahaha

  13. 25

    Omg this is AMAZING!!! You must be insanely proud, you’ve come such a long way! Thank you so much for writing this post, I’m sure you’ve inspired so many of us (including me). Weight loss is hard enough, but the emotional journey that comes with it is definitely the biggest struggle. I could relate to SO many things you wrote. I’m currently in the middle of my own journey and having one of those moments where I’m losing sight of why I’m doing this & becoming angry/disappointed because of seeing such little progress. Just gotta keep at it I guess!

    I can’t wait to see what you look like on your wedding day!! 😍

    • 26

      Thank you so much Ange!!! YES keep at it because that plateau will definitely end eventually you’ve just got battle through. You go girl xo

  14. 27
  15. 29

    What an awesome post! Well done with all that you’ve achieved in this past year and good on you for sharing! In 2015 I tried to go to the gym but it just really wasn’t the right environment for me. Now I’ve decided to make 2017 the year I work exercise into my lifestyle in a way that makes me feel good and works with my life. And it’s not about the numbers, if anything, it’s about the endorphins!

    xx Julia

  16. 31

    You should be so proud babe, you look freaking amazing! And more importantly I bet you feel fantastic too :) I am pretty happy with my diet for the most part but I really want to stick to going to gym regularly. So far (bar this week because I’ve had the flu, awful!) I am going 3x times a week and hopefully once I have it as a habit I will eventually learn to love it like you did :) I did lose about 5kg purely from going vegan last year but I’d like to lose 7kg more this year which will be harder, but I am keen :)

    Keep these types of posts coming Sarah, they keep me motivated!

    Kate |

    • 32

      Thank you so much Kate! I noticed you’re looking slimmer. It’s amazing how eating plant based can change everything so much. Good luck with losing that 7kg!!! You can do it xx

  17. 33
  18. 34

    Such a great post Sarah! Looking amazing! I joined the gym last year too and for the first time I’ve really stuck to it and been enjoying it! I’ve only been going once a week with my PT but even that over a year has made such a difference. I haven’t lost any weight but I do just feel so much more toned and strong and it’s such a great feeling! Thanks for sharing this – it’s motivated me to step it up a notch (even if that means just getting out and walking more/ choosing the healthier options – like you my diet wasnt terrible before but there is always room for improvement!)
    Lauren xx

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