This is a rage list I created whilst enduring the worst UTI of my life a couple of week ago. I wasn’t going to post it but rereading it I got some LOLs so here you are lads. Some real home truths about vaginas. Leave your own wise words down below (no pun intended).



9 times out of 10 they are sensitive fuckers
Don’t even try to figure out what the heck is going on down there. You will never ever know. And just when you think you’ve figured it out you most definitely have not.


Periods can be monsoonal and can also play tricks on you
Like yes yes I’ve left the building but LOL JKS not really. Just keeping you guessing at all times.


You will never really know all the names to the different parts
And like you’re still in 7th grade health class you WILL still cringe at the word ‘vulva’ no matter how old you are


What makes the girls in porn tick does not apply to every single vagina in the universe
Probably one for the boys. Listen up lads!


At some stage you will sniff the discharge on your underwear just to make sure everything is in working order
If you’re shaking your head denying this I’m gonna call you out and say LIAR!


Your underwear most definitely does affect your vagina
Too tight? Skanky material? Oh and a tip for young players – never wear a g-string while you’ve got your period. You will regret it all day at work cuz lol ok I learnt that the hard way.


They all look so very different
Can confirm after a drunken ‘show me yours, i’ll show you mine’ with friends. So unique, kind weird looking in a beautiful way.


How to actually give yourself an orgasm doesn’t mean you have to pretend your finger is a wild penis


If you go to a doctor with a problem ‘down there’ you are immediately assumed pregnant
And even if you haven’t had sex and it’s impossible you are up the duff you will always have a panic before the test is complete.


You absolutely will at some stage experience thrush


There are a million different options for hair removal
And you will spend most of your adult life painfully trying to figure out what one works for you


What are some other home truths gals?


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