It’s been a while since I’ve shared with y’all my favourite beauty products and I’ve recently tried some stellar products so obvs I thought I’d write a little recap incase anyone is look for something new to try.


Davroe Tame Lemongrass Detangler*
I’m a fuss gal when it comes to leave in products because I hate when my hair feels really weighed down. Recently I switched to this bad boy and I have to say I’m super impressed. The spritz is light however enough to evenly distribute in my locks – VERY important in my opinion – and it just does what it says on the bottle. The scent is fresh and I can say with confidence it’s up there with one of the better detanglers I’ve used in my time. Highly recommend it lads.


Cinch Face It 5-in-1 Cleanser*
The back story to this product is lengthy however the short version is: you queens recommended it, I stalked it at Priceline had no luck ever, I got in contact with PR and they kindly sent me it over as gift reassuring me they were going to follow up shortages in the Pricelines in my area (lol thanks bebz). There is a reason this particular product is always recommend and always out of stock – it’s fucking GOOD. It’s the tits. Not only does it remove make up amazingly; t doesn’t sting my super sensitive eyes, doesn’t smell like chemicals and hallelujah it has a handy pump dispenser! Lol at me over here announcing myself as #1 fan girl.


Aspect Dr Resveratrol Moisturising Cream
Some of you gals may already know but I’m currently in the middle of switching over my skincare routine to Aspect because it’s vegan friendly and the packaging is much more desirable then the other brand I had been using for a few years. So far so good, baby steps, not sharing until I’m happy as Larry – you know the drill BUT this creme is something my skin is loving. It’s a thick cream however it just melts into the skin, my skin just drinks it up and the best part is it doesn’t make my skin even more oily throughout the day. It’s a stand out from my routine tbh! Don’t get me wrong the products are a little pricey but as I always shout from the rooftops you will NEVER regret investing in your skin and skincare routine!


Onne Balancing Body Balm*
It’s not often I receive PR packages anymore because I generally keep to myself on social media these days but I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous packaging from the Onne team including the Balancing Body Balm. They do do face skincare that I’ve used in the past however I requested body products because my Aspect stuff has my face area covered. These products are beautiful. Thick, luxe and hydrating with a gorgeous scent. It’s the type of range that’d make an ace gift for a pregnant gal or ya know non-pregnant too. I plan to repurchase a full size of this body balm when the time comes.


Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
This is one of those products that I’ve forever been meaning to try ‘when I get around too it’ and hurrah the time has come. Fun fact: this is a brand new bottle after I spilt the first one I purchased whilst Facetiming Noons and being a dickhead pretending to be a beauty guru LOLOLOL. WELCOME TO MY WORLD. Anyways, I obviously was enjoying it because I ordered another and I really like this for diminishing under the skin pimples. It’s cool. Plus you look freaky AF when you’re wearing it so high-5’s to Mario Badescu for cock-blocking for years to come.


Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub
When I ask for recommendation on my insta-stories you gals sure do come through with the goods. I’m not fussy when it comes to a manual exfoliant but it does need to be gritty without being harsh. This bad boy is exactly that. It’s super gritty and gives the skin a real nice clean but it doesn’t leave you feeling tight or like you’ve just rubbed your face raw. I even do what my mate Camille recommended and leave it on for a minutes in the shower and I just really appreciate that super cleansed/fresh feeling this leaves behind. I’m a big fan.


What are some of your favourite beauty products of the moment?



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