Can you believe I’ve never done a proper haircare routine post? Crazy hey? Well if I’m being completely soul-sister honest with y’all it has more to do with the fact my routine is pretty damn simple and boring. I have come to realise that isn’t a bad thing and there are some stellar product I’m currently using I must share with you all.


Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum (gifted)
When I first switched over to using all vegan products I had to break up with a lot of my favourite PR ladies and brands. It sucked hard. But the gals over at L’oreal were like never fear we have this ace brand called Pureology that do vegan haircare. How is rad that? What makes it even cooler is that the products are just plain and simply AWESOME. I’ve used both the Hydrate and this Perfect for the Platinum duo as my shampoo and conditioner and had no qualms at all. They are super gentle on the hair and don’t strip it at all. Considering they are both vegan products they still lather and feel luxurious on the hair. I plan on repurchasing.

Evo Fauloso
My hairdresser recommended this to me at my last visit because I was being a rebel and not using a purple/toning treatment at all. Mainly because I couldn’t find a vegan-friendly one and also because I had previously given up on my hair after a shitty experience. I’ve used a lot of different purple shampoos and conditioners over the years and this one is easily one of the best I’ve ever tried. It is super effective and getting rid of any brassy tones and doesn’t completely dry out your hair. My only gripe is that, like most toning products, it doesn’t detangle your hair but other than that it is a product I’ll continue to use for years to come.


Juuce Angel Mist 
This has since been repackaged (I bought this a while ago) but I find this detangler as good as they come. It’s a fairly basic product that contains argan oil and helps to protect the hair from heat but it does exactly what it claims to do. Detangles, moisturises and helps with frizz control. I don’t have much to say about it other then I love it and it is worth trying out.


Pureology Hydrate Air Dry Cream (gifted)
I don’t use heat on my hair on the daily and I NEVER blow dry my hair. I am just too lazy for that shit. Instead, I pop this cream throughout the ends of my hair and it just enhances the natural wave my hair already has. It doesn’t feel sticky or heavy in the hair and I never find my hair feels like it gets dirtier quicker because I am using this. I don’t think it’s ever going to give someone who has dead straight hair curls but it does help soften the hair and add some texture/body.



And that is IT! Sometimes I will use the Superfood Hydrate Treatment from Pureology in place of my regular conditioner but it is very rare that I remember so I wouldn’t say it is apart of my weekly routine. I’ve kept things simple because I don’t love styling my hair so I’d rather have a couple of products that rock and be done with it…. Anyone else?


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What does your hair routine look like?

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    I can’t believe L’Oreal have a vegan/cruelty free brand for Haircare. I actually didn’t even think to check.

    At the moment I’m using a LUSH shampoo bar, Organic Care conditioner, Davroe treatments and De Lorenzo styling stuff and it’s all pretty good. I will change my conditioner at some point because I’m not a fan. I also need to find a good dry shampoo spray because I’m currently using the Oaui mousse one which is nice but I much prefer a spray. I saw Fudge had one last time I was in Priceline so I might get it next time :)

    I agree so much with keeping it simple with hair. I am also v lazy with my hair 😂

    Maddie |

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    I actually don’t do much for haircare. I use Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner. I ether let it dry naturally or blow dry it if I’m washing the hair at night.


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