I usually come back from a break with one of these to catch y’all up on what I’ve been up too. My head was in a funny place when I returned from holidays and I’ve only just felt like I am getting back to normal routine and life. Here are a few snippets of what has been happening.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way – I got a new tattoo! Lots of you guys are super sneaky and spotted it over on Fine Lines Insta-story and then feed before I had a chance to upload it to my own story and knew it was me but yes. I am officially a crazy, crazy dog lady who got Simmy’s cute fact tattooed on my forearm. Some people have called me mad but having Simba has changed my life and my heart could burst with just how much I love him. It’s still looking a little funky, peeling and all that stuff but I promise I will definitely share my own photo as soon as it is ready. Those wondering about pain. I still am that weirdo who really enjoys the feeling of getting tattooed. I was nervous about this one because it’s my biggest one so far and it really was fine. My complex during getting that tattoo was about needing to pee but not wanting to interrupt Cholo tattooing! I peed. All was well and I am stoked with how it turned out.


You guys may have noticed but I am really prioritising my mental health at the moment. I am checking my emails 3 times a week and only once a day. I am completely logging off regularly if I feel I need a break. I spend afternoons reading if I feel burnt out and I don’t apologize for turning down blog work or saying no to catching up with friends. Most people around me know that I’m somewhat struggling with life at the moment and I feel comfortable in the fact that I am open about it. I am getting there but I am just making sure that I am taking the self-care seriously and not putting myself under more pressure or stress that is unneeded. It is the best life.


What is coming up? We have Isaac’s birthday next week, I am having a facial (starting my new years’ resolution to get monthly facials yay!) and then February is fairly quiet. Isaac and I would’ve been together 9 years in February but we won’t be celebrating because we’ve decided to just celebrate our wedding anniversary in March instead…. Otherwise, things would be crazy busy and expensive! I am still aiming to post on the blog 3 times a week but sometimes that won’t happen.. Again #selfcare is real.


What have you guys been up too? Anything fun or exciting?


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    I don’t think you’re mad for getting Simba tattooed on you! I think it’s cool & your tattoo is really life like too, if you get my drift. I’m a crazy dog lady as well, even though I don’t own one at present (I still like to pat cute doggos in the street).

    Keep up the self-care Sarah, it’s incredibly important. All too often we burn out because we place so much pressure on ourselves to get things done, when in actual fact, taking a step or 2 back is the best thing we can do. As I’ve mentioned before, I step back from the screen on weekends (just took the whole Australia Day weekend off & felt not one iota of guilt about it – the only blog work I did was take a couple of fashion photos for an upcoming post) & it does refresh you for the following week.

    Shell // The Novice Life

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