I actually cannot believe it is MARCH. Where did all that time go?


As I write this it is Wednesday and I’m PMS-ing hardcore which is not helpful when I’ve had a super stressful few weeks.

I’ll address the elephant in the room – I have chopped off all my hair and I am obsessed. I didn’t have any plans to do it but my bestie and hairdresser decided that is what we are doing. I am the type of person to fully trust the people I go to for services in terms of brows/hair etc etc and I am in love with my new bob.


It’s been over a month since I have popped on here for a bit of a ramble and it’s mainly because I haven’t had any idea how to articulate what has been happening. Pretty much a few weeks ago I decided that this year I want to change my job. I’m currently in kids fashion and I want to move into women’s fashion in some capacity. I got in contact with a few people I knew in the industry and that resulted in a job trial. So for a week, I was working three jobs and it was crazy, stressful and overwhelming. I then had to come to decision as to what to do moving forward and consider lots of different factors. We then had something else come up that could mean a potential move and after about 3 meltdowns, 10 serious conversations with Isaac and close friends, I came to the decision not to move forward with that initial job opportunity. We have decided to listen to the universe and explore the other opportunities that it has presented us with. It wasn’t a choice that was made lightly and I don’t know if it was the right one but I couldn’t ignore that gut instinct to just see. 


I know that is totally vague but I am hesitant to let y’all know about the potential opportunities in case we decide that it isn’t for us or if they fall through for whatever reason. Both Noons and I are scared but also super fucking excited about what could be about to happen to us quite quickly. I now have a massive fire in my belly to move into a role I’m super passionate about and I honestly do think that the universe is looking after us. We always said the year after the wedding we would do something out of our comfort zone – job/location wise – and I honestly feel like this is what was intended for us…. Anyway I will keep you posted when I can openly share more details.


That is what has been happening for me. It’s been scary. I’ve been overwhelmed. But I am also excited.


Over the next few months I am unsure what I’m going to be able to post but I’ll still be active on Instagram and Twitter so be sure to follow me on there.


How have you guys been?


FYI my current employer knows I’m looking for other work so this isn’t silly posting it online, promise.




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