One week of #mtaeveryday down WOOHOOO!


I’ve actually been loving connecting with all of you more and hearing from you guys everyday. It’s all sorts of epic. I hope you guys have been loving all the content and don’t forget if you have an requests I’m SO happy to make them happen. The more I create the more inspired I am and despite the set backs on Instagram thanks to the shitty algorithm I am loving putting new things out into the world.


This week I’ve been going through my beauty collection and trying to downsize. I started on Thursday and everyday I’ve been tackling a draw. It’s refreshing to move out all the older things and just focus on the products I truly love. I’ve been doing the same for my wardrobe and selling things either on my Depop or Carousell pages so be sure to check them out.


We’ve also had my little sister staying with us while my family are away for an Ironman. I don’t talk about my family much but I’m 1 of 6 kids, second eldest, with 4 sisters after me and a fairly big age gap between us all. The sister who is staying with us is Isabella who is 14 and it’s been cool to have her around. I am struggling having someone else in our space all the time but it’s good to spend time with her. It just makes me realise that once you move out you take for granted the closeness with your family.


So a pretty quiet one here! I’m just busting my balls trying to get things out for you guys everyday at 8am.


I know that tonnes of you guys come here on a Sunday for TWN so here is what you may have missed this week:

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How was your week?

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  1. 1

    everyone keeps talking about this instagram algorithm but i haven’t noticed any change. i feel like i still see all the photos of everyone that i follow? or does it affect your exposure to people that don’t follow you? its all very confusing for me. ive been trying to get better at insta but i go through long stretches of being uninspired and i haven’t posted anything in over a week now!

    i had no idea you had so many siblings!

    • 2

      It affects your exposure to people that follow you and there is this thing called ‘shadow banning’ where your photo won’t appear on hashtags which is really demotivating when that’s how alot of us get new followers coming in… I’ve just cut back on hashtags and hope that helps.

      I said to Isaac that I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it but yep a big family!

  2. 5

    Congrats on posting everyday for the week!! Been loving reading your posts as they are on different topics. Keeps it fresh!

    Wow! An Ironman!? That’s amazing stuff! Hope she does/did well!

    xo Kat @ Katness

    • 6

      Thanks Kat! I’m really loving changing the content up as I felt a bit of like a broken record with the beauty stuff.

      Yep she has done 14 now and is off to Hawaii this year for the championships :)

  3. 7

    I didn’t know you had such a big family :) I agree that having someone in your space, even if you love them, can be trying. It’s always lovely to spend time with them but it’s kinda nice when you can do your own thing by yourself again :)

    Kate |

    • 8

      Exactly! Isabella goes home on Thursday and I’m looking forward to having our place back to normal :)

      I know I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that I have a big family which is weird but I guess it hasn’t come up organically in my content before haha x

  4. 9
    • 10

      Thank you so much! I agree Instagram has been really disheartening but I think we’ve just got to keep ploughing through :)

  5. 11
  6. 13

    I’m so obsessed with decluttering, haha. I know I’ve got to be pretty hardcore with it because of the move, but even beforehand I would get so much pleasure out of going through my makeup and picking out things that I’m not really that into and putting them aside to give to friends or family. It just feels so good to look at your makeup and love everything you see, instead of feeling overwhelmed with stuff you feel pretty indifferent about. And the same goes for clothes too!

    • 14

      Totally agree! It’s a cleansing experience. I’m really enjoying it but I feel overwhelmed with the mess I’ve created… It’s for the greater good though!

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