THE WEEKLY NOTES #45 where is the wedding content? handy injuries & am i vegan now?

I’m glad to be back. We’ve just came from a wedding on the weekend and it’s our last commitment after a hectic start to the year. I feel as though we really haven’t stopped.


You guys are loving the sneaky snaps that I’ve been popping on Instagram of the wedding. I love it and honestly I do want to share more but I want to wait until after we get our professional photos and video back. If you’re a long time reader you’ll know I like to feel all the feels and experience things. Although I do share everything (just about) I also like to reserve time for experiences beforehand. It’s like when you wrap a present up for Christmas and pop it under the tree to be enjoyed before handing it over for the receiver and everyone else to enjoy too. It will come! I promise. I know alot of you will just want too see/stalk our day (don’t blame you) but I also want to make sure what I put out there is kinda helpful too. I’ll find a balance – I have a few more weeks to think of the approach I’ll take. If you guys have anything you definitely want to know about or questions about it let me know! I may even do a Q&A for one of the posts?…..


If you follow me over on Instagram, which you should if you don’t because I’m working my butt off at it at the moment, then you would’ve seen we attended two weddings in the past few weeks. At the first I unfortunately had a drunk lady pull me off a stage with such force I landed in a weird position on my hand. We ended up spending the next day in emergency because I was convinced that I had broken something but it has been cleared and put down to a torn ligament. I’m a fairly independent person so last week when the pain was super bad I was a mess. I hate having to rely on other people for things!! Now the pain is bearable and I’m hoping it’s not too long before it’s 100%. The most annoying thing is that I was drunk but not THAT drunk and it wasn’t self inflicted but I have to deal with it.


Another thing I wanted to update you on is that Isaac and I are slowly making the transition over to being vegan. Isaac has made the biggest change in cutting out dairy whereas I’m working on cutting out eggs as they were the things we had left in our individual diets to go. As I’ve said in so many posts beforehand eggs are something we have mixed views on because we both had chickens growing up that were so loved and looked after. I think the aim for us is too only eat them when they are from home (Isaac’s parents still have chickens). It hasn’t been hard for us so far apart from when we have attended events. If anyone knows of any great egg replacements for pancakes let me know plzzzzzzz!


How was your week? Let me know about the questions about the wedding if you have any too xx


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    Yay vegan! So awesome that you guys are making the change. It becomes a lot easier once you realise that you CAN do it! I’m linking a recipe I found and altered for easy vegan pancakes (not ‘healthy’ vegan pancakes using bananas and that kind of stuff.)

    I also struggled with the egg thing when I transitioned, but once I read up a bit it was an easy choice. If you want some links to information just let me know :)

    Kate |

    Easy Vegan Pancakes |

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    Id much rather wait and see a well thought out post than have you just put it all up quickly because you want to please your readers anyway!
    you have done so well with you healthy eating. I’ve given up!

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    Really looking forward to seeing your wedding photos and hearing all about the things you chose to do differently to a traditional wedding. :)

    And that’s great you guys are going vegan! For me the biggest things that are stopping me (and my boyfriend who is also vego) from going vegan are that we both love eggs and cheese (who doesn’t) but also I need a bit of milk in my tea and none of the milk substitutes on the market do the job. I also don’t know if I could cope without readily available baked goods because cake is my favourite food and although there are vegan options they’re a lot harder to come by and cake/dessert generally is something I can’t live without. At the end of the day it’s a process and every little bit helps so I’m not too worried about not being a level 5 vegan or whatever because I don’t feel like I have to justify my diet to anyone but myself, but I do think it’s great that you guys are making the transition and I’m really happy it’s working for you. :)

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