HEY! How was your week? Before we start thank you to everyone who commented on last weeks instalment of TWN about my anxiety. You guys are the best.


Today is Thursday when I’m writing this – it’s the last day I work on my blog for week as I’m promised myself to slow down on weekends. I’ve just been planning May because let’s be honest April was a bit of a slow month for me on the blog front again and I really want to put my head down and smash the blog now we’re over the hump of the busiest time ever. Isaac and I have been shooting a tonne of outfits lately and (if you haven’t noticed) fashion has become a big passion of mine and something you guys are going mental over. I LOVE IT!


Where was I? Oh yes so I’ve been editing photos for a few different things and realised that I’m about to implode with ideas soooooooooo I’M GOING TO BLOG EVERY SINGLE DAY IN MAY. I know! CRAZY. I’m not sure it’s a great idea but I feel really motivated for the challenge and I’m literally bursting at the seams for ideas for blogging right now. I really am craving connecting with all of you again regularly so what better way then to do it every day? I’m so excited and I hope you guys are as well.


We had an exciting week because we got our wedding photos sent over on Tuesday. I didn’t cry but fuck I was close! It was so beautiful to sit down with Isaac and just go through them remembering the day. I felt all the feels again and it makes me even more excited to see the videos when they’re ready. I will be starting our wedding series sometime this month so get excited for that too!


If you have any post requests for the crazy #everydaymay month let me know!!

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  1. 1

    How exciting that the photos are rolling in! Love reliving those memories!

    All the best for your a post a day challenge! When you have the energy and motivation, definitely snap it up! xx

    xo Kat @ Katness

  2. 3

    So exciting Sarah! You are getting me motivated about blogging again. I have so many ideas but (seemingly) no time to execute (I say as I think back on how much Netflix I’ve devoured this year).

    Kate |

    • 4

      Haha I know how that feels. I feel as though changing from solely beauty focus has really helped me feel totally in love with blogging again!

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