After posting my ‘Tips For Dressing For A Backyard Wedding’ a few people asked for some tips for winter weddings because that shit can be HARD. I thought I would recycle a dress that I wore to wedding last month but change up a few things just to show how easy it can be – to see the outfit I’m referencing check out this Instagram post. 


Look at the materials a dress is made from
This is so important because certain materials offer more warmth or make your body heat up quicker. For me modal keeps me super warm so this Earth Warrior Dress is 70% modal hence an awesome option for a winter wedding. I’m also a hot bod so the fact this is short sleeve means when I’m ripping up the dance floor I can take off the jacket and be good to go. If you have a particular dress you always feel a little hot and bothered in see what the make up is and maybe look for a new dress with those materials.


Invest in a versatile dressy jacket
This particular Jax Jacket from Pilgrim Clothing is exactly what I’ve been searching for because it is a little more dressy than a leather jacket but still has that little bit of edge. I have always struggled with what coats to take to weddings because most of mine are super bulky but this one is cropped so it gives an extra layer without being huge to cart around.


Opt for shoes with more coverage
I find if my feet are warm so is the rest of my body so I’m a huge advocate of wearing shoes that have a little more coverage. There are tonnes of great booties that would be perfect for weddings but I have opted for my Senso Niko Mules because they they cover my feet quite alot.


What I’m wearing: Earth Warrior Dress | Jax Jacket (gifted) | Senso Niko Mules | 66 The Label Hat | Lovisa Earrings 

What are your tips for dressing for winter weddings?


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