The newest nail craze comes in the form of a handy container that you dip your fingernail in and miraculously your nail polish is removed. It’s super quick and convenient but also SOOO. Over. Priced. It seems every brand has bought one out and they range from $9.95-$14.95 which had me completely flawed. Today I’m going to be showing you how to make your very own at home for under $5. 
What you need 
1x small jar of your choice. I had this one in the cupboard but you can pick them up for $2 at The Reject Shop. 
1x Sponge 
1x Bottle of Nail Polish Remover 
  1. First off you need to take your sponge and cut it down to suit the size of your jar. Then shove that into the jar you’ll be using.
  2. Next you need to make a little hole for you finger to go into. It’s easiest if you use your scissors to help!
  3. Now it’s time to pour your nail polish remover into the jar to soak the sponge thoroughly.
  4. Voilà! All done! Make sure to keep the leftover sponge so you can replace it in the future. I usually find it lasts about 10 manicures before I need to replace it.
I hope you enjoyed this DIY! It’s something a little different for here on More Than Adored so I’d love to hear your feedback. Also if you decide to make one (which you should I’m obsessed) make sure you tag me on social media so I can see! 


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    Brilliant idea!! Might have to try this out. I’ve got a boo-boo my middle finger pad from a scissors accident (the scissors obviously won the battle, but I’m going to win the war!) so I’m going to wait till that heals before I do this or it’s going to hurt.

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    You know this is so simple but I honestly wouldnt have thought to give it a try. Very cool and if you used red and green ribbons around the jar they could make great Stocking fillers for Christmas.

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