The title of this blog post is well, dramatic, because I could most definitely live without these two products but the thing is I JUST DON’T WANT TOO!


Way back 12 months ago (cuz that’s WAY back) I was struggling with a few dry body issues y’all are going be like calm down with the TMI but I need to set the scene. You know when you go on a pretty beach holiday and you’re having a wonderful time and you love life but then you get out of the shower with the driest, flakiest legs that feel SO tight, sore and sting every single time you touch them? Well even if you don’t know how that feels I DO because that was the situation I was in except it was every single day and I didn’t even get to have a margarita on the beach. It sucked. Cue a late night shopping in desperation and the Papaya Pure Range landed in my hot little hands and I’ve never looked back.


The Papaya Pure Renew Cream is a dreamboat for my sexy sensitive legs and it’s even considerate because I’ve used it over scarring, like those annoying little ones from ingrown hairs, over my skin to soothe it after hair removal and over new tattoos*. It really is as an all purpose, all round legend product. I mean if it was a person it’d be the guy that shouts you all night at the pub and then makes sure you get home safe without any other intentions. Serious legend. It’s recommended for stretch marks also (soooo preggo gals check it) but it’s not something I’ve used it for despite having some fancy ones on the side of my boobs thanks to the puberty days. I should really be slathering it on there. I will. I will report back. ANYWAY, I digress. It’s ridiculously soothing because it contains chamomile (my fave!) for calming and reducing inflammation. If you have sensitive skin the Renew Cream (and this whole range tbh) is absolutely for you. Take my sassy, sensitive-skinned word for it.


The Renew Cream contains a bunch of other epic ingredients that make it amazing for helping heal and moisturise the skin. It has Papaya (obvs) and that is SO rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Gota Kola is a cool natural herb that decreases inflammation and helps build collagen formation during the scarring process (don’t worry I’d never heard of it either).  Tamanu Oil promotes new tissue and accelerates healing. And it’s infused with other incredible oils like macadamia, rosehip and almond oil. I mean talk about a dreamy blend right?

Now that I’m done fan-girling the Renew Cream let’s chat about the Papaya Lips. This is a newbie but has become my bestie. I’m like GIRL WHERE YOU BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE?  You see since going vegan almost 18 months ago it cut out most of the lip products I swore by. Since then I’ve been aimlessly using whatever is laying around, like when you go to the supermarket after work but don’t know what you’re cooking for dinner. I just having been feeling like YASSSS about anything. Plus if you’ve ever tried to find a lip balm that doesn’t contain lanolin or beeswax you will know what I’m talking about when I say it’s a toughie.


The Papaya Lips actually contains Candelilla Wax which is a vegetable wax that acts as a natural barrier to help prevent moisture loss and I think this is why I’m enjoying it so much. When applied it’s sticks around and doesn’t instantly slip off the lips like other lips products can do. It contains fermented papaya that has high levels of vitamin C blended with shea butter, macadamia and jojoba oil that work together to soothe and hydrate. Pretty much it’s a dreamy blend of goodness that actually works and you’ll be able to apply lipstick over the top within an instant. WIN!


Overall baby gals the products are ones to check out – even if you’re not vegan. They’re dreamy, natural products that actually work. I mean you couldn’t ask for much more really.


Make sure you pop over to PURE Papaya Care for more deets on the range OR find a local stockist here. 



This post is SPONSORED by the legends at Pure Papaya Care and I’m very grateful they are helping pay my electricity bill by allowing me to talk about their products I love and use everyday. If you have beef with me doing sponsored content soz not soz because I speak all the truth and all opinions are my own.


*Obvs with the tattoo thing do what your tattooist tells. I usually take a vegan body product with me and ask them to check it over for usage. Don’t be dumb. Do what they say.


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