Ok lads, you have been asking to see what my everyday routine is so HERE IT IS. My routine is snappy and gives a natural but polished everyday look. The goal is too look not dead tired and to hide the super obvious evidence that I picked a pimple before I went to bed. Pretty simple really.


I’m a big believer in primer and I find it a tad spooky when people don’t use one. Why wouldn’t you want an extra layer of barrier between your skincare that is working hard and the make up you’re about too apply? The Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Primer* is the best god damn primer I’ve found for oily skin and it’s been a lifesaver for this gal living up in Darwin. I could write 500 words about this product alone because unlike other primers that are geared toward combo/oily skins. It doesn’t have a tacky or sticky suck-the-life-out-of-your-skin feeling BUT it still really does help prolong the wear of your make up. It’s a little exy in price but well worth it in my opinion. I mix that with the Jane Iredale Glow Time which is their popular full coverage mineral BB cream EVERYONE screams about. Alone I ain’t a fan-girl. It’s a little heavy, hard to blend and can cake around dry patches. The trick is to mix it in with the primer OR apply the tiniest amount possible for a natural finish. Once you’ve got the application down it’s a product you will fall head over heels in love with hence why I’ve continually repurchased. Another base product I’m testing out is the Designer Brands Matte Velvet Foundation. I don’t want to review it as such yet but I am enjoying it so far. Count this as the same as ‘oh hey you are cute and maybe we will go on a second and third date but I’m still not sure cuz you were late picking me up’ kinda review. I’m enjoying it but not sure it is as good as the Jane Iredale, ya know? I set everything in place with the w7 Very Vegan Sheer Loose Powder* and it does the job. It really is just your bulk standard setting powder that works. Not holy grail material but nice.

Speaking of the W7 Very Vegan line my overall thoughts on the brand is I don’t like the name or the packaging but the products seem to be great quality for the price. I personally feel the brand could’ve advertised a vegan friendly line in a much more tasteful manner than naming a whole line ‘Very Vegan’. It just seems a bit in your face! I digress. A standout from the line is easily the w7 Very Vegan Highlighting Powder* I tend to forgo this step most days but if I’m feeling a little crap then a dusting of this on my cheekbones perks me up. That in combination with my Inika Baked Mineral Bronzer in Sunkissed* is a match made in heaven. I’ve never found a bronzer I’ve completely loved that this bad boy is pretty darn close. It’s pigmented without being anything that is CRAZY, easy to blend and gives a natural look on my pale AF face. I appreciate it.


On the everyday I do skip eyeshadow because ain’t nobody got time for that and I have hooded eyes so it’s nothing that makes a massive difference unless I’m doing a dramatic AF look. You get me? Instead I just coat my lashes with the Eye of Horus Lash Lift Mascara. You lot know I’m a big fan of this bad boy because it can be built up, doesn’t irritate my sensitive AF eyes tooooooo much and it lasts me at least 4 months. For brows my dream team is the Eye Of Horus Dynasty Brow Define and the Eye of Horus Dynasty Brow Fibre Extend because they just work. I’ve repurchased over and over! They are pigmented, easy to work with and last a decent amount of time compared to other brow products I’ve used.


My last step with my make up is applying a spritz to make any of the powder look less cakey and more ‘HEY I WOKE UP LIKE DIS’. Seriously if you need a finishing spray that is non-invasive, takes away the dryness from the skin then I highly recommend the Jane Iredale Hydration Spray*.


What does your everyday routine look like?

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