I’m back with a few quick reviews of that books I’ve been smashing out lately. Don’t get me wrong I am totally a sucker for a quick Insta-review but I know alot of you guys enjoy reading a little bit extra and having the suggestions all in one place. Let me know if you’ve been reading anything wonderful lately!


Tangerine – Christine Mangan
This book is easily in my top reads of 2018! We selected this as our book for the first #BeMoreBookish book club Tonile and I started over on Instagram (new book has just be announced on Insta if you wanna play along!). What I loved about Tangerine is the way the friendship between a sociopath and victim played out in such detail. I was drawn into this book and couldn’t put it down as it describes the tales of turmoil for toxic relationships. It gets you hooked, keeps you guessing in such a – almost creepy – way. It’s a psychological drama and one I would happily read again. Highly recommend!



When Life Gives You Lululemons – Lauren Weisberger
Ok so admittedly I didn’t realise that this was apart of a series when I bought it and this is the 3rd book however I didn’t even notice when reading so I don’t think it really matters! The book follows the relationship of three women who all have their own personal issues from work, kids and marriage. It’s a total chic-lit drama read but I found this book refreshing in that it is empowering to see three strong women supporting each other throughout the story-line. It is a quick easy read but I didn’t find the story line boring at all so it’s definitely one I’d recommend.



Am I Doing This Right? – Tanya Hennessy
Now before you look at the star rating and think ‘WTF’ I have to admit I loved this book. BUT. And there is a but. I feel as though this book is a collection of blog posts all bound together for the book. I loved the writing style – so chilled and laid back – and I thoroughly enjoyed what Tanya had to say. Tbh I didn’t really know of her prior to reading the book but now I’m following her everywhere and pretty am a #1 fan. It’s just the style of book isn’t for me. Loved what she had to say but would’ve read it online on a blog format over the course of a year happily. Obvs that makes her no money sooooooo wouldn’t happen.



Ice Cream for Breakfast – Laura Jane Williams
This is a lazy Sunday afternoon read that I smashed out in a day. It’s a quick, light hearted read all about how Laura did a year of nannying and what she learnt from the kids. It’s broken down into all different lessons and what adults can learn from children. Essentially how to be happier like kids are! It’s a cute, feel good book and I enjoyed the way Laura broke everything down in a no-bullshit matter but it wasn’t anything I felt totally different after reading. This is the type of book that would make a super cute gift!



What have you been reading lately?



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