I wasn’t going to post this particular blog post until later this week but you guys are seriously messaging me every single day asking where it is! That makes me so excited because I love cookbooks (I love books in general so much so I keep ordering them without NEEDING a new book) and I have some ace favourites.

Bliss Bites – Kate Bradley 
This is my latest purchase and I’ve only made a couple of the ball recipes out of this BUT I think it’s an important one to mention if, you are like me, and struggle at snacks. This has an abundant amount of recipes for small delicious things like protein balls basics, really decadent treats and then there are even some savoury bite sizes options thrown in as well. All the ingredients are relatively accessible or have a substitute option which is great if you don’t like overly complicated recipes.

Elsa’s Wholesome Life – Ellie Bullen
Hands down my favourite book to come into my life in a very very long time. This was recommended to me by Lou from A Better Kind and oh. my. god! You know all those delicious bowls I’ve been making over on my Instagram? Yep they are from this book! What I like about this one is that they’re all very healthy and ‘clean’ recipes – just going back to basics and really nourishing your body. That is exactly what I’ve needed the past few weeks so I’ve almost been using this exclusively. It is also a BEAUTIFUL book with incredible photography throughout. Everything is easy and quick to make too!

15 Minute Vegan – Katy Beskow 
I have to mention this bad boy because it’s one for the people who are time poor and just want a really yummy meal without spending ages in the kitchen. It is quite a basic book with limited photography throughout so if you eat with your eyes *cough* Isaac Noonan *cough* you probably will find this book a little tricky to choose recipes out of. I find I have probably 6-8 recipes from this book I use on rotation and don’t really need the recipe anymore because they’re super quick and easy to make.

Kenko Kitchen – Kate Bradley 
If you’re also gluten-free (ME) and just want a book that has super healthy but delicious meals this bad boy is freaking ace. If you haven’t noticed this is also written but Kate Bradley and it is easily a firm favourite I use on a weekly basis. Most of the recipes are super simple but there are a couple that are like out of this world incredible/show-stopping/I want to impress peeps recipes as well. It’s similar (but totally different) to Elsa’s Wholesome Life in the focus is on healthy, delicious food but all recipes are gluten-free which is why I love it so much.

Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking – Dana Shultz
My mind would be blown if you’re a vegan who hasn’t visited Minimalist Baker’s blog. WHAT ARE YOU DOING! This is one of the first vegan cookbooks we bought because we were so obsessed with the website and we were not disappointed. Again most of the recipes are gluten free but with this one the focus isn’t on healthy eating – there are recipes for Mac N Cheese and Pizza Burgers – some epic delicious meals. We don’t use this one as much as we used too but in saying that it was a really important book for us when we first went vegan because the recipes are so easy, quick and almost nostaligc for us. There is also a tonne of basic recipes for staples like cheese sauce that are handy to whip out.


Do you have any favourite vegan cookbooks?

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    I’m glad you posted this! My boyfriend and I are both vegetarian and we were getting Hello Fresh boxes delivered for a while when we were back in Sydney, so a lot of what we cook are still from those recipes because they’re all pretty easy and they’re made for two people, which suits us perfectly. But we’re getting a bit bored of them, and printing out random recipes from the internet can be annoying in terms of having paper cluttering up your life. I don’t have any cook books in Toronto, and in fact I never used to cook from them back in Sydney anyway, but it could be a really good way to find some new recipes, and keep them all in the one place too! I’ll def give your recommendations a proper suss and hopefully pick one or two up!


    • 2

      Hopefully you enjoy them! I love the idea of Hello Fresh but also love creating my own spin off verisons of recipes. I always need everything to be super quick and easy to whip together so all of these are exactly that! Let me know if you pick up any!

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