This year has been the year of change for me and my little fam. Every time I come online to share a new blog post my mind always pulls back to the subject of WE MOVED ACROSS THE FUCKING COUNTRY but ya know wasn’t quite sure about how to write about it. Instead of doing what the blogging books tell you to do and make this content valuable to you lot, it comes only naturally that I make it all about ME. Snaps for Sarze.


I wasn’t as independent as I once thought
Look I’m not going to shout ‘I am a lazy gal’ from the roof tops because I am not. I don’t particularly enjoy lounging around doing absolutely nothing BUT with Noons working away it has made me realise just how much of a 10/10 that lad is. And we do depend on each other…. Well its mainly probs me depend on him but like whatever. It’s not a secret that I have always worked two jobs – one for someone else and one online – and since Noons has been away it’s made me realise just how much of a impact he had to continue to making my world spin smoothly. I’m busier than ever but can seem to find any time to sit down and answer my fucking emails cuz ya know, kitchen doesn’t clean itself. So rude.

A tipping point was when I first had to make the bed. Ummmmmmmmm gals, confession time, I’d never ever made the bed. My Mum did it for me and then Noons came along and did it. Well done Sarze you are really good at adulting. I’m laughing and crying all at once. Lets just say learning to juggle the life we share in such dramatically different circumstances has been major.


I am an introvert
Hello world, this is me, life can be….. I digress. Y’all may assume from my lengthy Instagram captions, sassy outfits and out spoken opinions that I’m in fact an extrovert BUT I am not. You see I have gone from working absolutely alone in both my jobs to being with people every working day. No shade throwing at the babes I work with, but for someone who recharges when they are alone, it has been an adjustment. I guess now I value my weekends more? Tbh I don’t think I am as introverted as I thought I was 12 months ago – maybe I am somewhere in the middle? Anyways, I’m cracking on with life but counting my blessing that I am learning my limits and that being surrounded by fellow queens everyday ain’t so bad after all.


Self care is really fucking important to me
Like super fucking important. Lol sure I obvs was addicted to eating pizza, chips and drinking gin everyday for a couple of months but it’s fair to blame the adrenaline I was running on over the moving period. When that sweet adrenaline stopped fuelling me on the daily I crashed resulting in a ‘I AM NOT FUCKING OKAY’ few weeks. It’s taken a while for me to feel settled in myself – (probs (defs) why you haven’t seen me around these parts as much as usual) and feel less like I’m going to lose my shit and more like I am actually doing okay at life. I have 100% been super hard on myself in terms of getting this space going again but I have also had days/afternoons/weekends where I do take the time off to recharge and do whatever it is that I feel like I need to do.

There is no doubt the older I get the worse my anxiety seems to be and this move has confirmed that I need to take time to manage my mental health otherwise I fall too pieces. And it’s a-ok lads!


I like working for someone else
Although the self employment journey has been wild and fun my brain has struggled with the motivation, determination that I once had. After my 2017 mental breakdown it has become clear that I need stability in order to thrive, for now at least, and moving into a role I’m super passionate about has proved a fabulous move for myself. Before y’all jump on it – I am not disappearing from this space but I am removing the pressure to earn X amount of money from it each month to supplement my income and that has been a huge #BLESSING in my world.


I really fucking love my dog
Nearly didn’t put this one in but GUYSSSSSS SIMBA IS SO CUTE. I always knew that I loved the shit out of him, I mean I have him tattooed on my arm, but hello new level of love for the doggo. Example #1 on why he is a 10/10 dog: I get up to wee at night, he instantly jumps down from the bed to make sure no one is going to murder me, sits right at me feet while I wee then gets back up onto the bed to snug right up with me. So I mean if that isn’t true love I don’t know what is.  So obsessed with that human doggo. It’s a joke.



What I am wearing: Brixton Vegan Leather Hat | Specsavers Glasses (gift) | Nude Lucy Jumper (not current) | Dorit Skirt | Nasty Gal Boots 


So there you have it lads, an honest recount of all the feels I am feeling right now.

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