Before we jump in – reading these kinda posts is a very slippery slope. Don’t say I didn’t warn you ok?

I’ve spent hours upon hours googling, reading and rereading people’s accounts on their spendings so lol sure obvs am addicted and ya can bet I’m about to spit out my own version for you to devour.


I have a UTI right now so I’m trying not to leave the house. On my lunch break I was innocently tapping my way through stories and Megan Ellaby shared a snap of her wearing epic Gucci knock off sunglasses that were only $10. Obvs I swiped up and spent halfa trying to find other things on Nasty Gal to make up the free shipping but lol jks on me I couldn’t find anything so I closed the tab.

Then I tried to take a outfit picture on my very broken, old tripod that I’ve been trying to ‘make do’ with for the past 2 years since a part snapped off. I got annoyed and rage bought a freshie on eBay for $16.

Took my cranky ass to Coles and if there are two times you shouldn’t shop, the first being when you are hungry, you defs shouldn’t shop when you’re in a bad mood. I spent $40 but in my defence I got a spunky new Coconut Yogurt too try as well as a bulk supply of Almond Milk that was on spesh.


LOL no you shut up! I went to the supermarket again cuz an old friend was coming over and spent another $40 on nibbles plus another $20 on the GOOD cider that is gluten free so I didn’t have tummy pains after downing a couple. In my defence technically we saved money because we had of went out it would’ve been a bigger spend. So ya know, not mad at this situation.


Finally a day where I spent absolutely no money on food or anything at all! I AM A QUEEN. It was a massive day at work so I went straight home afterwards and made a sexy brussels sprout caesar salad didn’t I? It tastes hella better than it sounds.

Today is a killer day because it’s a public holiday, pay day AND we are sneaking in a quick photoshoot at work. Noons obvs had the day off and decided to suggest I take the car through the car wash on the way to work. I mean I can’t be made because it looks like I’ve been out bush for the past week. I went through for a DELUXE wash because pay day treats. $16 lighter but much needed and worth it.


Saturday is usually the day I do my food shop and it was a standard shop coming in at $130. I shared it over on my Insta-story and man did the nazi mums come out to play. I’m sorry lads but we are a young couple of TWO who eat a relatively clean, basic diet. We are NOT a family of 4 with nappies and school lunches to worry about. I mean I feel it is obvious that our shopping is going to be less? So calm down Barbara.


Noons is home so naturally we are doing a million jobs squeezed into one day. We needed some basic home bits from Kmart – think storage baskets, washing baskets and boring stuff so we ended up spending $120 there. Next we went to Bunnings because I LOVE THAT PLACE and spent another $130 on plants that we did not need. It was pay day for us both this week so that’s our excuse? Plus when Noons is home we tend to get shit done in terms of home stuff cuz he handy AF and I am not.


Monday and back to work. Somehow managed to spend absolutely nothing. Shocker I know, especially after the weekend spending habits. I am stalking ASOS for a discount code for a pair of shoes I want but the cheeky devils haven’t produced the goods yet so that’ll come later.


Overall I’m not unsurprised at my spending over the 7 days. We always spend most at the weekend (day five and six) and then I never, ever skimp on food. Being vegan has made me love and appreciate food so so so much more than I ever had before so during the week if my body is craving/we need a top up I’m happy to spend extra money on it. If there is an area I could improve on it would be the weekends where we throw money at whatever we want. But eh! We’ve just moved here so we are still putting together our little pad.

I do think I want to track my money a little more than I do after this. Maybe it’ll make me  little more conscious of the stupid shit I buy late at night lolol.


Do you track your money?



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