Yes hullo, now that 2019 is upon us I thought I’d share with you all some goals I have for this year. Resolutions I find a bit wanky cuz it’s like NeW yE@r NeW mE but current goals I hope to continue with I can definitely get amongst.


Clear the rest of our debt
I mean are you even in your 20’s if you haven’t somehow opened your internet banking and started sweating because you have a little debt sitting there after one too many YOLO moments? Well I am guilty of that BUT in saying that the last bit of debt we have (Noons and I share finances) is a small chunk of a car loan so we are pretty stoked that it isn’t from buying all our mates beers on the weekend. Ya know? The plan is too hopefully kick that this year so we can start seriously saving for house (FREAKY AF).


Plan trips away and take them
We aren’t big planners and when you wanna do some travelling you’ve kinda got have some ideas on where you want to go and when and like how much money you gotta save. That adult sorta junk! We really would like to travel more overseas so hopefully that can happen towards the end of the year. We shall see. Where have you travelled that rocked? We are open to ideas although Canda is high on the list!

Volunteer regularly
I’ve already found a really great organisation that clean up the beaches once a month so I am hoping that by February I can join the team and get amongst that. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for the later half of the year and I’ve always used time as an excuse. Next year I want to make the time to do it.


See a naturopath
You gals know I’m a wholesome gal and since moving to Darwin I haven’t had any sort of Dietician or Naturopath like I have in the past. Previously I was seeing an integrated dietician however my food isn’t so much of an issue. I’d like to focus on getting my supplements right and work on my hormones again. I really let that side of things slide in 2018 which does disappointment me cuz I wanted to have my hormones relatively ‘right’ but onwards and upwards lads.


What are some of your current goals?


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