What alot of you lot may not realise is that I met Noons and we started ‘going out’ when I was the baby face age of 15. Our love blossomed over text message and was facilitated by bribing our parents to allow us to put the L plates on the car and do the 40 minute drive on a Friday night to see each other. Bless our young souls and parents for being patient enough with loved up Sarze and Noons.




Alot of the time when peeps find this out they freak the fuck out and look at me with like they just ran over my beloved doggo and have came to tell me the bad news. It’s weird. Guys I’m fine and you don’t need the sympathise with me. In fact, despite what some think, I am not deeply insecure or trapped in an unhappy relationship and our sex life is fucking fabulous. Like real fabulous, promise. I just did things different to other people and that is totally cool.


Let’s rewind and when we first got together. We were SO flipping young. I was 15 and Noons was 17 and tbh I just really liked having someone around who was so besotted with me despite my mood swings and pre-braces wonky teeth. Someone who didn’t want to pash and dash then ask for a picture of my tits on Myspace or Bebo (those were the days).  I never thought it was going to be an actual THING. As if you really do when you’re a teen. You’re so young and focused on what flavour cruiser you’re going to drink on the weekend not whether the current boyfriend you’re snogging is going to be the one. I mean priorities lads.



Tbh I never really thought that way, if someone asked, I probably just shrugged and said ‘we will see what happens’ even though, as all young love goes, it was intense and so freaking cute it makes my brain hurt thinking back at it. Noons gave me a hoodie of his and I would sleep in it (lol jks I NEVER took it off much to my Mums disgust) and we left each other love notes under each others pillows when we would leave each other for the week. And this one time I got grounded for a month after some crummy quality photos of me smashing a kings cup jug at a grand-final party (obvs a mix of red bear and beer). We thought the world was ending. Ya know, standard teenage love stuff.


I always joke that we’ve been together for the prime of my life, that Noons should feel lucky and that if I was on Tinder I would slay. But really I’m quite happy being here almost 10 years later popping each others spots and pretending we can rap like Biggie Smalls while we drinking too much gin on a Sunday night. Of course, there was/is/always will be hard shit – like in those big epic formative years when you are leaving school and shit is getting real. We have both lost our way in #LYF at times but we have never ever been shy about communicating it too each other and without sounding like a 10/10 wanker that is the backbone to our relationship.

When you essentially grow up together you can’t hold that shit in, probs why we are one of the only relationships in our circle that made it well beyond high school, we had to be open to growing and allowing each other to explore/grow/experience things independently. And did we both do things like go out independently? Absolutely. Did I harmlessly flirt with a guy at a bar because I liked the outside attention. Um derr. There has always been space in our relationship for the other to be independent because of the trust and open communication we’ve always had.



I can confidently, hand on my heart type shit, say I’ve never ever questioned our relationship – even in those years. Sure I’ve questioned my career choices, travel and other life junk but never us. I speak on my behalf but every time I day-dream about the other side, AKA #singlelyf, I am reminded of all the positives that come with being in a relationship and more specifically Noons. We are a team and all that gross relationship stuff but more importantly we add value to each others lives. It’s more than that sense of belonging that comes with being in a long term relationship. There has always been a level of self-awareness and selfishness that has assured we have both are adding value to each other emotionally, sexually and I guess in boring everyday life junk. It’s meant we are both content and satisfied with what we have going on and probably why we had no perils getting hitched at 22 and 25.


Alot of people will snort when we say that we are married and often scoff something like ‘good luck to you’ or ‘life has ended for you mate’. I don’t understand why there is some much negative connotations that come along with relationship status: married. Fuck we got married cuz obvs we are in love but we just wanted an epic party. Nothing has really changed apart from the box I tick when I fill out a fancy, adult form. Obviously everyone else’s experience is different but I think that it’s unfair to project your shit onto someone else.


I’ve always felt like I have to justify why we’ve been together so long when really y’all should applaud us for being 10/10 humans who found each other real young and made it work. Snaps for Sarze + Noons. We are very different people and I think we balance each other out. Over the years we’ve rubbed off on each other. I intentionally stir up Noons like he does me and he throws sass my way in the most Sarze manner ever. Every time I grit my teeth and feel a tiny bit proud of him at the same time. I like the constant support I have always had, the security and stability but we’ve always given each other space and that has been super important.

So what it’s really like? It’s pretty fucking fantastic and I don’t feel like we’ve have missed out on partying or sleeping around because those things aren’t really our jam anyways. Sure sometimes things are hard, like right now Noons works away 90% of the time, but really that’s just making us appreciate each other even more.


It’s not sad times, no sex or fun. In fact, it’s the complete opposite.


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