I know last week I posted about my fave vegan cookbooks but I really wanted to get this post up as it is fairly requested. If you read my personal goals for this year you’ll know I really want to focus on reading in my downtime. These are the books I’ve read so far this year! Let me know if you like these posts because I really enjoyed writing it!


I listened to a podcast with Matt Haig on as a guest and I actually just really loved the sound of his voice…. But he also spoke about mental health in a way I hadn’t heard someone articulate it before. Reasons to Stay Alive is where Matt speaks about his own struggle with mental health, anxiety and depression, and how he tackled it/recovered/now lives with it. Although it is about depression and it can be quite heavy in parts I wouldn’t say it negatively changes your mood when you’re reading. It’s almost although because Matt is speaking about these mental health issues in such a lighthearted, normal, real way it makes you feel closer to Matt and his story. I read it in two days. Amazing, amazing light read but one I feel everyone should read. It would also be a great book to give someone in your life if you’re struggling with mental health issues and maybe they don’t understand it.

4.5/5 stars – I do kind of wished that Matt had included some short stories from the people he included from Twitter instead of just their tweets.


This is a young adult novel about two teenagers Libby Strout who is an obese girl who was once ‘America’s Fattest Teen’ and then Jack Masselin who is a popular kid at school who holds a secret about suffering facial blindness. It’s about how they meet at school, their own individual struggles with their issues and follows along as they fall in love. I read this on holiday and it was quite an easy read and I did enjoy the character development throughout the book. I think the way Jennifer spoke about obesity and self-love was great however I do feel like the narrative fell short. Jack works through his own issues with facial blindness and Lily with proving she is more than just the ‘fat girl’ however once the story gets to a certain point it is very predictable. I felt as though I was left feeling like ‘oh I wished she’d taken this idea further and created more of a message through that’. It was an enjoyable read and one I think girls in high school should be reading, however, I think it could have been taken further than it was.

3/5 stars


When it comes to biographies I really struggle to read them unless I’m #fangirl and I like Em but I’m not a raging fangirl who follows everything that she does (Benjamin Law on the other hand #stalker). I need that really big connection otherwise I get bored HOWEVER I loved this one. It has some heavy issues in their from postnatal depression, dealing with family death, sexism in the workplace and miscarriage but it is all told in such a hilarious way. I loved the way Em didn’t censor herself throughout the book. She made crude jokes, expressed her love for glitter and gays. Hands down one of the sassiest memoirs I’ve read and I couldn’t put it down.

5/5 stars


This novel follows a young couple Claire and Jasper who desperately want to have a baby. A radio host, Harper, decides she wants to make a difference to others as her and her husband don’t want to have kids so she looks into donating her eggs. It pretty much follows the journey about how these two couples deal with the situations and overall it is a really lovely story. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy this book because it was a ‘nice’ story but I did find it very predictable and a little lack lustre. Maybe that’s the point? It’s just meant to be a lovely story. If you like easy reads I would recommend it because it is a beautiful story that is told well but maybe not if you don’t like knowing what is going to happen next.






What books have you been reading lately?

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    Reasons To Stay Alive has been on my wish list for a while now. I always find it interesting and comforting to read about other people’s experiences with mental health issues and how they’ve overcome it and live with it- I have to pick that book up sometime soon!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. 2

    I’m waiting for the Lauren Graham (gilmore girls) biography to arrive in the post! But otherwise nothing really!
    I’ve heard of reasons to stay alive and that sounds really interesting, I love books like that! I really prefer non-fiction, its not often I enjoy a fictional book.

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