Right now as I type this out I’m sitting on plane with a grotty person behind me who trying to suffocate me with their BO while their small child is kicking my chair screaming.

It’s pretty grim.

I don’t care about the screaming child, because as ya know, children know no better on planes but dude a man pushing forty most defs knows what a bar of soup and deodorant is SURELY. I’m fully considering sticking tampons up my nose so I don’t have to hold my hand up to my face for the next 4 hours.

I digress.

Smelly peeps aside I know you are all really here because you’re a bit like my old Nanna Ada (RIP, bless her soul) and are nosey AF so you’re skim reading this majestic piece of writing searching for all the juicy goss I’ve been dick teasing you with for the past few weeks.







We are moving. M.O.V.I.N.G right across the country to the sweaty city of Darwin. It seems crazy to type that out and I get just as overwhelmed as I’m sure old Trace off MAFs is everytime she thinks of the horrid 3 months of her life she wasted on old mate Deano… Or DJ VISIONZ.

Tbh I’m slightly shitting my pants at the v long and daunting list of adult things we have to do in the next month before we go but as I’m sure my real friends will know I am about to say IT WILL BE SO FINE.

We all know how mentally unstable I’ve been over the past 6 months so this year I desperately wanted to do something to refresh our lives like a change of house or city or job. I was craving a shift of focus and do something that gives me a fire in my belly. Something that’s new/fun/exciting/different. Back when I was in my deep, darkest days we decided to hold off but at the beginning of 2018 I knew I was well enough to take the plunge. And once I get something like that in my head that is IT. It is happening. I’m as persistent as your iPhone telling you your storage is full… or is that just my phone?


We had a great opportunity fall into our laps. It was kinda like an accidental pregnancy, you aren’t expecting it and it scares the shit out of you but you get on with the exciting unknown whilst crying yourself to sleep waving goodbye to your current cushy life. And so we have pretty much ran with it plain and simple. Thought ‘Fuck it’ we are young and we might as well give it a good old crack. Why not?


We are still figuring out where we are going to live, logistics of it all and confirm jobs dates etc etc. I have a cool job though. One you guys are going to pee your pants with excitement and probs need to hide your wallets. I don’t know why but it doesn’t feel right to share what it is yet. Keep dick teasing you all a little bit more…. Got get them page views somehow. But let’s just say it’s going to be all kinds of wonderful and I am ridic excited about the role.

What does it mean for this space?


Honestly I don’t know. My mental health is priority and while i will always be here in some capacity i do want to let go a little bit. I want to shift my focus into fucking shit up in my new role and not be so focused on making the blog my main jam. It’s a pressure I’ve needed to distance myself from because I am simply not able to mentally get it all happening independently right now. I DO love writing and I want to approach this space because I WANT to write not because I feel like I have too.


So hold on for the ride.


Bare with me while I have many stress attacks, clear out my life and figure out the best way to move across the country with a french bulldog in tow. We are extremely excited and cannot wait to share this new chapter with y’all (I AM CRINGING AT MYSELF FOR WRITING THAT BUT CANT BRING MYSELF TO BACKSPACE) so with all that I will stop rambling and go line up for the toilet at the back of the plane. Not because I need to pee but just to have a break from the stench wafting from the row behind us.


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