Here we go you guys! You’ve all been so patient waiting for me to share the wedding details and here is your first sneaky peak.


There will be plenty more content around the wedding and I’m sure you’ll have so many questions either leave them in the comments, tweet or message me on insta because I’m currently planning each individual post meticulously so I don’t miss anything out. I promise I’ll explain everything soon (I just want everything sorted first IE albums/videos etc) but for now you get to watch our highlight film which gives you a feel of the vibe from our epic day.


Our highlight reel is by our absolute talent of a videographer Stevan from Life in Light Films. We don’t have the rest of our videos back but if this highlight video is anything to go by I know they’ll be so special and I cannot wait! We cannot recommend Stevan enough but more on that soon. Oh and FYI for those asking this is the only video we will be sharing online – the rest are for just us :)



Isaac + Sarah – Highlight Film from Life in Light Films.


Dream team: NOMAD STYLINGelk & willow photographyWild DaughterThe KnotsThe Caravan Bar and Happy Camper Pizza


Cover photo by our talented photographer Jess from Elk and Willow.

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  1. 1

    Oh myyy so exciting to see your wedding video! You two are too cute! Everything looked so lovely! So obsessed with the relaxed, bush vibe but still so chic! Still so in love with your dress, makeup and flower crown!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. 3
  3. 5

    So bloody cute, Sarah. Your whole wedding looked absolutely gorgeous, and I am absolutely crushing on your hair and makeup. I’m so glad you’ve been able to capture those memories in such a beautiful way so you can always look back and cherish them xxx

  4. 7

    This was such a beautiful video, Sarah, and I’m so glad you shared your special day with us! Like Tasha said, I really love the rustic wide open space vibe going on and having the Australian bushland as the backdrop looks incredible. As much as I love peonies in weddings, it’s really refreshing to see something different! I also love how everything was so relaxed and chilled with pizza and beers and without all the tables. I’m definitely into the more party feel to it all. :)

    Tenneil | Like Neon Love

    • 8

      Thank you so much Tenneil! Wait until you see the rest of our florals that were on the tables. They were so unique! Given this was just the highlights it didn’t show how everything looked at night either – it looked so incredible. Such a special video though and I’m so happy I could share it :)

  5. 9

    Aww your wedding video was so cute!! I remember you saying in the lead up to the wedding that it wasn’t really traditional at all and I think that makes for a really unique wedding that lots of people will remember and talk about. The bush setting is beautiful and having an informal party vibe would make it so much more relaxed than a sit down dinner. So glad it seemed to go so well and that you were both so happy with the day, you looked beautiful of course! :)

    • 10

      Thank you Jess!! We loved it and I’m keen to shares the ins/outs of it all but the video was a special way to start :)

  6. 11

    Loved your wedding highlights reel and loved how relaxed the whole day appeared to be, from the setting to food to everything really. You looked absolutely gorgeous! I love how weddings these days are not so traditional (unless that’s what you want) & that everyone can put their own spin on their big day. It makes it far more personalised.

    Shell // The Novice Life

  7. 13
  8. 15

    I love it all! Your wedding was so beautiful! I got tears in my eyes and I’m not even emotional! I want more videos but completely understand x

    • 16

      If it’s any consulation the other videos wouldn’t make much sense as they are speeches from family and stuff like that :)

  9. 17

    I don’t know how I’m only just seeing this video! It looks like such an incredible day – so relaxed, happy and a really awesome celebration of your love! Thank you for sharing this!

    Lauren xx

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