Again, it’s been a while! How are you? What exciting things have been happening with all of you?


These past few weeks have flown by – how is it that it’s almost November?!!! Let alone almost Christmas -panic face emoji-


This year is totally different for us in terms of Christmas and I’ve been really struggling with the idea of change. First off my immediate family are flying up to Queensland to spend the Christmas period with relatives up there and because of Isaac’s family being down in Victoria plus work commitments it wasn’t possible for me too go…. This means it’s the first year I haven’t been with them around Christmas and I won’t see at all. For those of you who don’t know I have four younger sisters and an older brother but with having four younger sisters Christmas is always super special because there is Santa and they really enjoy the lead up. Our family LOVE Christmas and make it the main celebration of the year so I’ve been really struggling with the idea of not spending it with all my family. It sounds like I don’t want to spend it with Isaac’s family but I do and I love them but the change is daunting and makes me feel like I’m totally grown up.


Another thing that is different about Christmas this year is the fact that we’re doing it on a budget. I hate budgets and I especially hate budgets when they hinder my gift giving because I LOVE giving gifts. As a collective family we’ve all decided to have a small Christmas this year only spending $40-50 on each person and it’s been really hard to think of creative gifts that each person will love that don’t cost a bomb. I  know alot of families that always have a budget or do KK or don’t even buy presents at all it’s just been another adaptation that I’ve been trying to get my head around. I’ve got a few ideas but it is really hard guys!! Any ideas on what to get my Dad in that price range SHOOT haha!


Okay this is probably going to sound absolutely ridiculous but Isaac and I are completely obsessed with Coles online delivery. We have always gone to the supermarket once a week with a shopping list and done a full food shop according to both of our meal plans. We decided to give food shopping online a go because when we’re in the supermarket we tend too pick up things on special and bits that we don’t really need. Coles online delivery has changed our lives!! We now don’t have to fight in the supermarket on a Sunday and we get it delivered on Monday morning for only $4!!! We’ve also gone back to our trusty fruit and vege shop so we’re now saving about $50 per week on groceries. Highly recommend Coles and their delivery service as we’ve had such a fantastic experience since using it and it’s so convenient if you’re busy most weekends like us!


Last up  I wanted to chat about my content over on Instagram. This year I’ve decided to slowly rebrand and rejig things because I haven’t been particularly happy being pigeonholed as a beauty blogger. You’ve probably noticed over the past few months an increase in fashion posts and some lifestyle shots – are you guys enjoying the change? Isaac and I are really happy with the direction we’ve taken my Instagram profile and I’m keen to also include some recipes, gym stuff and just life posts. I want you guys to know me and not think of this space as a lipstick hoarders diaries. We’re enjoying it and I really hope you guys are too. There will be a full rebrand in 2017 with a new name (when I think of one) and all that stuff but after the wedding!!


What has been happening with you guys? Anything fun?!

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  1. 1

    I always end up buying my dad something Richmond related or chocolates. My family these days do a KK for a big present and then by little things for each other.

    I have been wanting to try the coles online delivery for a while now, I just hate going to the supermarket.

    • 2

      Haha I think I’ll be going the Richmond route too with maybe some rocky road :P

      OMG try it!!! It’s SO good and it means that you don’t have to go!!

  2. 3

    Aww I’m in the same boat as you almost! My family are all going to QLD for Christmas because my mum lives up there, and I can’t travel because working in retail obviously means we dont get to enjoy Christmas like everyone else (-_-). I almost thought I was going to spend Christmas alone for a while there but Dad decided to come to Sydney to spend the day with me, haha. But I have three older brothers and a bunch of nieces and nephews and Christmas has always been big for us too. back in my school days when we had a smaller family, we’d always be together and the present pile would be HUGE. These days we can’t afford that unfortunately, and I’ve definitely been hit with the adult feeling. Boooo. I hope you enjoy it with Isaac’s family though, I think it definitely takes getting used to but you will eventually!

    You make me want to try grocery shopping online, haha. Maybe I will try it! I definitely have the time on the weekend but I hate unpacking it from the car, and I also fall into that trap of buying things I don’t need. I would love to save $50 a week – I should probably start going to my local grocer too. I love supporting them!

    Brodie | Brodie Jay

    • 4

      Haha good old retail right!! That’s nice your Dad is coming down though. Adult feels suck but it’s comforting knowing that more people are in a similar position to us. It’ll be a change but I know I’ve enjoyed Christmas with them in the past (like from lunch onwards) so it’ll be fine.

      It’s SOOOOO good. You do have to buy over $50 worth of stuff but we do that easily. It’s saving us so much money – DO IT!

  3. 5

    I can relate to Christmas feeling harder as you get older. I find it such a stressful time of year trying to figure out how to fit everyone into the day. Just once i’d love to be able to spend some time at home on Christmas day rather than driving from one place to the next. It all ends up a big busy blur!
    We have really always had a budget of around $50 for gifts in my family. Otherwise I feel we would just be spending money for the sake of it. We are pretty boring with gifts and we alway just buy each other things we all need, like home appliances and towels. LOL.
    We are SO tight on money this year that I think we are also doing a kris kringle and me and my partner arent buying each other gifts at all. Sometimes I think the whole gift giving thing puts so much pressure on people, especially families, I don’t want people to think they HAVE to buy me a gift I would much rather know they can afford a christmas dinner over buying me a gift. I think gift giving can kind of get out of control and become the whole focus of this time of year. A lot of people rack up big bills on their credit cards just to afford things they don’t even need to buy for people, its crazy!
    Sorry, this sound like such a negative point of view BUT I really enjoy christmas I just think people need to be realistic about their finances and remember at the end of the day its only stuff and not worth getting into debt over! OKAY SORRY IM DONE TALKING.

    • 6

      It really is crazy how busy and stressful this time of year can be. I wish that people would instead spend the $50 on something they want instead of giving gifts haha but it’s the thoughtfulness I find stressful so maybe that’s why I feel like that. It’s funny how as you get older you realise just how much debt people can go in over the Xmas period. So not worth it!!

  4. 7

    I can’t believe Christmas is around the corner! As you know, we moved to the UK, so it’ll be the first time away from our families at Christmas time too. I don’t do Christmas with my family but I do with the in-laws and now I will need to cook myself hahaha. Won’t be the same. We are doing KK with the the hubby’s family and I’ll buy presents for my nieces and nephew but will be on a budget even though I love spoiling them!

    We are doing online supermarket shopping here too! We don’t have a car and not that close to a supermarket. The only downside to theirs is they sometimes gives us things that are very close to the use by date so we can’t shop for the week or things will go off before we can eat them. Otherwise, it
    s super handy!

    Loving your move into other ‘categories’ – keep them up!

    xo Kat @ Katness

    • 8

      Thanks Kat!!! I’m loving the change so it’s fun to try some different features. Particularly loving fashion at the moment but it’s a fine line between ‘look at my fancy outfit’ and ‘hey this is helpful maybe try something like it’ if you get what i mean??

      Au good luck cooking yourself :P that’ll be lovely to spend it in the cold this year though!

  5. 9
    • 10

      Thanks gorge! I love the name too but I just feel like it doesn’t represent me or where I want to take the site… Before I wanted to employ people and have it as a multi-personality hub but now I’ve realised my passion is on a more personal level so I feel like a rename will really make that clearer.. If you get me? haha!

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