Recently we had a backyard wedding and I had no bloody idea what to do. Backyard weddings are hard because although it’s still a wedding and you want to look nice there is something a little more informal about the setting. Here are some tips from my experience!


Dress for comfort
I wish I could say I always dress for comfort but I would be lying. I can’t remember a wedding where I haven’t had my boobs tapes and my tummy-sucking undies hitched up – it makes me feel better about myself #dontjudge. I digress. The setting of a backyard is pretty chilled out, comfy and relaxed so dress the part making sure you feel that way. It’s like if you were going to meet the queen you’d wear something that makes you feel a million buck… I mean it’s the queen. So dress the part! This Tobi Anisha Midi Jumpsuit is exactly the type of thing that is perfect for a backyard wedding. Comfy, still dressy but not super dressy and I feel good in it.


Don’t shy away from wearing a sick hat
You guys know me. I would wear a hat to every single event EVER if possible. If there is place you can most definitely wear a hat it’s a backyard wedding (unless it’s freezing cold plz don’t wear a beanie to a wedding). I’ve opted for my fave 66 The Label Hat but even felt hats in the autumn would be so ace. It’s also a way of bringing your outfit down in terms of dressiness – not sure that’s a word but I’m rolling with it.


For godsake PLZ wear a block heel
LEAVE THE STILETTOS AT HOME. Opt for wearing a block heel you feel confident walking on grass in. If you don’t feel comfy in any block heel where flats and save yourself the embarrassment of potentially curling over on your way to the loo – been there done that SO not a fun time.


What I’m wearing: Tobi Anisha Midi Jumpsuit | Elroy Eyewear Florence | Senso Riley Heels | 66 The Label Hat | Camilla + Marc Brooklyn Clutch 


What do you usually wear to backyard weddings?


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    I haven’t been to a backyard wedding (or many weddings in general) but I’m thinking maybe something flowy and pretty lol. Yes, no pointy heels!!!!

    xo Kat @ Katness

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    Hahaha YES for block heels. I can’t tell you how many lawns I’ve aerated in my time. Never again!

    Kate |

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