These blazers have been everywhere, right? And at first I was like ‘yeah na’ not going to bother hoping on that trend until I tried this one on and I felt like it challenged me in the changeroom to create casual looks… Because y’all know I’m about the comfy, casual life!


I was lucky enough to be invited into the brand new Decjuba store at Bendigo Marketplace. Longtime readers will know I’m a big fan of the range so it is a dream that we now have a local store here in Bendigo AND that I got asked to showcase some of their ace new in styles. The thing about Decjuba that really gets me excited, and I’ve spoken to tonnes of you in my DM’s about this, is the way they offer work appropriate clothing as well as trend-driven pieces AND basics. It’s an all-rounder without being disjointed or weird to browse in.


Enough fan-girling. You get it. The stores are ace. Bendigo babes make sure you pop in and have a browse.

The thing about these check blazers is that they can be very formal and almost a little jarring especially if you’re a casual lover like me. The trick for making it work when you’re not needing it for workwear is to play around with the sizing. I usually wear a size 8 on top but I tried it on and it just felt way to restricting and rigid so I opted for the size 10. I really found this Marny Double Breasted Blazer is the perfect amount of check (if that is even a thing) making it look way more expensive then what it is! I prefer to pull the sleeves up again making the look way more casual.

I’m usually scared of wearing any sort of jackets over dresses because it can swallow you up but I was super glad that I had a play around in the change rooms because this Kara Drop Waist Dress is uber cute. It works perfectly alone but I love the subtle print clash and the drop waist underneath the structure of the blazer. I teamed both back with the Black Tote Bag (not online only instore) and it just finished off the look because it’s not a super structured bag.


What I’m wearing: 

Kara Drop Waist Dress (size 10)

Marny Double Breasted Blazer (size 10)

Black Tote Bag (not online, only instore)

Look two is way more ‘SAFE’ because when in doubt go all black and everything will be ok…. Well that’s my life motto anyway. This is where I’m going to fan-girl over the Decjuba basics because MAN ARE THEY GOOD! These Avril Rip Knee Jeans are a dream to wear and actually, the skinny jeans I’ve been searching for – high waisted, stretchy but structured, distressed and a raw hemline. They are comfy but flattering. I teamed it with the Mon Cheri Pearl Tee because number 1: it’s a graphic tee and I’m about the life and number 2: it became a feature styled with the Pearl Double Circle Belt. How epic are these pearls everywhere?! I am obsessed.


What I’m wearing: 

Mon Cheri Pearl Tee (size L as I wanted it super oversized)

Avril Rip Knee Jeans (size 10)

Pearl Double Circle Belt (size S/M)

Emma Slip-On Loafer


If you haven’t checked out the Bendigo Decjuba store at the Marketplace place you absolutely must because there are so many gems in there! And if you haven’t tried a check blazer yet I think heading into Spring is a PERFECT time to try it out so get amongst it!



Do you fan-girl over Decjuba? What are your fave ways to style a blazer?

*all Decjuba clothing in this post was kindly gifted to me by Bendigo Marketplace after I went in store and selected these gems. For more information please view our disclaimer.


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    I actually haven’t heard of this brand before, but I love your second outfit especially! I’m definitely not typically one for blazers as they can be a bit too “workwear” for my personal tastes, but I think you did a great job of toning that down and making it look more casual and easy to wear and not like you’re heading to the office. I bought a pair of loafers really similar to those last summer but it turns out they were too small and kept giving me blisters on my toes which is super annoying! So now I need to look for another pair for when spring/summer rolls around and I can actually wear something other than my all-weather/snow Vans!

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